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Interview – Amar Adatia – ‘Dangerous Game’ – A Feature Film


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Interview – Amar Adatia

Chris Rose (Calum Best) is a professional footballer who finally gets the opportunity to play for his favourite team, taking his career from the Championship to the Premier League. However things take a turn when Chris gets involved with a Russian organised crime syndicate, who have their sights set on using young players to fix matches. Soon he finds his career and life in danger… With the help of a childhood friend, Adam Chopra (Amar Adatia), Chris is forced to use his knowledge of the game to pit the Russians against the Algerian underworld. However, the clock is ticking and Chris has everything to lose…

Directed by Richard Colton, the film boasts a number of very familiar faces including Calum Best, Darren Day, Alex Reid, Lucy Pinder, Ricky Rayment, Jessica Jane Stafford and Jess Impiazzi as Calum’s love interest, Ashley Queen.



To begin with, you are staring in upcoming release ‘Dangerous Game’, tell us what the film is about?

I play Adam Chopra, who is the best friend of Chris Rose, a professional footballer who finally gets the opportunity to play for his favourite team, taking his career from the Championship to the Premier League.

However, things take a turn when Chris gets introduced, by Adam, to a Russian organised crime syndicate using players to fix matches, and soon he finds his career and life in danger.

With Adam’s help, Chris is forced uses his football knowledge to outwit the Russians in a drama fuelled Dangerous Game.

Tell is about the character you are playing, Adam Chopra…

Adam Chopra is a happy go lucky guy whose life revolves around football and his favourite team, East Stratford football club – Aka The London Knights.

However his laid back laddish attitude to life often gets him into trouble, trouble that his life long best mate Chris Rose often finds himself sorting out.

Lets talk about the rest of the cast, who are your co-stars?

Dangerous Game also stars Calum Best, Lucy Pinder, Jessica-Jane Stafford, Darren Day, Ricky Rayment, Alex Reid and many many more. We had a great high profile cast and they were all so much fun to work with as well as being so versatile.

How did you get involved with the film? What was it about the narrative that attracted you to the role?

When I first read the screen play for Dangerous Game I immediately fell in love with the strong characters portrayed, in particular the Russian gangsters.

I also liked the style in which it was written, as it felt like a 90’s style movie, what I mean when I say that is the type of film we haven’t seen in a while. There is a current trend that unless you’re making a comedy, then films should be dark and gritty and where as I can see a place for that. I miss simple enjoyable entertaining films with charm and good stories. Dangerous Game is just that, it doesn’t take itself too seriously and it’s the kind of movie anybody would love to sit down with a bucket of popcorn on a Saturday night and enjoy without too much over thinking.

What are your inspirations as an actor?

As an actor my strengths lie in comedy and I am very much inspired by the likes of Will Smith or Nick Frost and Simon Pegg. Although Dangerous Game isn’t a comedy, Adam Chopra’s Character enabled me to bring subtle comedic moments to the screen.

How would you describe the role of a producer?

I feel my role is essentially to find great stories and then find a way to get them told. That includes working with the writer and director on the script and the vision, then getting all the practical elements in place (finance, cast, crew) to make that vision a reality. And there’s the job of getting it seen so also attaching sales and distribution.

What advice would you give to any up and coming actors or actresses?

Simple, becoming a successful actor is a hard goal (excuse the pun), but why wait to be cast in someone else’s movie, I started making my own movies because I was fed up with being offered the same old tired Asian roles. So I set up my own production company and we have a motto.

‘Having a low budget doesn’t mean a film can’t be made. On the contrary, it should be made and it should far exceed anybody’s expectations. Be humble, Be positive, Be persistent and your attitude will always shine through!’

When the production process gets tough, as it always does then either my director or I will look at our motto overcome our problem and create something even better.

What was the most important thing you learned during the processing of making the film?

The most important thing is two-fold really. The movie business is so about PEOPLE – and your RELATIONSHIP with them. The old adage is true in some cases, it’s not ‘what you know’, but WHO you know. And the second factor is, no matter how you go about it, start with a ‘GOOD SOUND script and make sure it is the very best it can be – don’t go to financiers too early before the script is fully thought through and address any script concerns upfront, because they will only come and bite you on the arse later on, when the film is in the cutting room – and by that point, it’s probably too late!

Why do you make films?

This is probably the simplest reason why people make films. I love making movies and acting. I think everyone watches movies nowadays and it affect them somehow. Mindsets are changing, lifestyles are changing. The whole world can change with just a simple video that went viral (thank the internet for that). From the beginning I thought that in this era, the most influential media is through videos and films. At this point, I feel like films need to spread good messages to its audience. We can give a good impact to people’s lives through films we product

When and where can we expect to see ‘Dangerous Game?’

Dangerous Game has it’s star studied UK Premiere in Leicester Square on June 15th and a UK cinema run till the 26th June through our screen ( and Showcase Cinema’s.

On June 26th the movie is released on DVD and Digital Platforms in all good DVD retailers and digital broadcasters. All information will be on the website at

What is the next step for you; do you have any other films or projects in production?

I have another film releasing in September which is starring Calum Best and Alex Reid and many more based on a story about fallen angels.

We are already in pre production for our next movie Dead Ringer which we are about to cast now but like Dangerous Game has a host of stars from the whole entertainment industry.


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