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World War Z – Review

World War Z Review
World War Z Review
World War Z Review


Release Date: 21st June 2013
Director: Marc Forster
Writer: Matthew Michael Carnahan - Drew Goddard - Damon Lindelof (Screenplay) J. Michael Straczynski (Screen Story) Max Brooks (Novel)
Cast: Brad Pitt - Mireille Enos - Daniella Kertesz



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World War Z Review:

Being a fan of horror, and indeed zombie films, the decision to go and see ‘World War Z’ was never in any doubt. After viewing the trailer, I awaited Pitt’s new film with anticipation. It looked like a refreshing addition to the ever-growing zombie genre, and in short – it was quite enjoyable!

World War Z’ is a zombie film on a grander scale. Though other zombie films have been set in a global apocalypse, they tend to remain in one location, or adopt a type of ‘road’ style, in which the characters travel for safety. ‘World War Z’ however paints an accurate picture of a zombie disaster on a global level, following one character (Brad Pitt) as he travels to several locations around the globe, looking for information that could lead to a solution to end the disaster.

What made ‘World War Z’ enjoyable is a combination aspects; an engaging narrative, clever settings, original costumes and concise, effective direction from Marc Forster. Pitt’s role, while unchallenging, is performed well, providing a believable character that the audience can empathise and relate to. Furthermore, while the visual effects used throughout the film are good, they do not overshadow its substance, leaving a well rounded, adept film bringing a unique element into a modern expanding genre.

In addition to this, ‘World War Z’ blends action and horror in an effective manner. Aside from the appearance of the ‘zombies’ themselves, the film is not particularly grotesque or gory, but it does generate good levels of suspense and fear. Additionally, it makes you jump in unexpected places, using horror stingers effectively. Furthermore, the action sequences throughout the film are tense and gripping, and are used to break the film up effectively, keeping pace of the film high and exciting.


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One Comment

    Ian Antonio

    A fan of the book (a true breakthrough novel in the ‘zombie’ franchise) this film was a big disappointment.
    Not long after it began I realised that my favourite horror book had been turned into a real “Hollywood Blockbuster”. Using the name of a well established best seller to make the optimum amount of money in the box office.
    I really had to set this movie aside from the novel I have so much time for and just see it as a ‘Zombie Movie’ but in all fairness to the film I don’t think I could and so the rating for this creation could not rise any higher than 3 stars.
    I fear that if ‘World War Z’ had simply used another name it could have really captured my imagination. As it stands I won’t be buying the DVD/Bluray.
    ‘World War Z’ failed to infect me with the love I was plagued by with the novel.
    Pitt was great as usual though.

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