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Wild Tales – Relatos Salvajes – Review


Release Date: 27 March 2015 [UK]
Director: Damián Szifrón
Writer: Damián Szifrón
Cast: Liliana Ackerman - Luis Manuel Altamirano García - Alejandro Angelini



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Posted January 29, 2015 by

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Wild Tales – Relatos Salvajes Review:

Wild Tales” (Relatos Savajes in Spanish) is a raw as well as a rare gem in the world of the cinema : as a first full-length movie, directed by Damian Szifron (after two shorts), it was selected in both Festival de Cannes’s Official Selection 2014, and for the Oscars 2015 (for Best Foreign Language Film). I’m guessing that the help given by Pedro Almodovar through the producing of the film has something to do with such a critical success, however, outside of such consideration, I must admit that this piece of film really stands out.

Wild Tales” is not about one specific tale, or a few specific characters : we are dealing here with six short stories, or sketches-like, with no relation to one another but the fact that, at some point, at least one of the character involved in the tale is completely going to lose his mind and freak out, and sometimes in a very graphic, even gore sometimes, fashion. This being said, it is very delicate for me to get into the stories and to give the reader an elaborated synopsis.

So why did I spoke about a “raw” gem ? Because, as interestingly directed and written as it is, and as much as I appreciated it, I’m not sure it could suit to everyone sensitivity… The writing is blunt, crude, with a real sense of dark humor, and is not hesitating with exploiting some almost-taboo situations : the hijacking of a plane, the bombing of a City Hall facility, is not what I could call a good idea for entertaining the masses, especially in a society where the politically correctness is a priority. So you are warned : if you don’t mind being a little rocked in your comfort zone, you might enjoy this film. But if you are not into dark boorish humor, I wouldn’t recommend it.

Those among you that are familiar with Spanish movies in general and Almodovar production in a more particular fashion will recognize a lot of faces throughout the six segments of the movie ; all of them are doing a pretty good job, whether as the family man waging a war against the injustices of the society, or as the bride who understands – after the wedding, of course – that her now-husband is cheating on her, or even the lawnmower fed up with his manipulative boss…

Well, if the movie had no luck in Cannes, maybe the Academy will be more inclined to see its qualities, (as well as the flaws) and encourage Damian Szifron to pursue his work in the future.


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Theo Tessa
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    Wild Tales is his third full-length movie, after “Bottom of the Sea” (En el fondo del Mar – 2003) and “On Probation” (Tiempo de Valientes – 2005).

      Theo Tessa

      Absolutely true. My point was that Wild Tales is its first to be widely broadcasted, with a solid support through production…

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