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Truth or Dare – Review


Release Date: 13 April 2018
Director: Jeff Wadlow
Writer: Michael Reisz - [Story] - Michael Reisz - Christopher Roach - Jeff Wadlow - Jillian Jacobs - [Screenplay]
Cast: Lucy Hale - Tyler Posey - Violett Beane



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Truth or Dare Review:

What happens when a bunch of bored, party-loving and sexually curious teens visits an abandoned church on a remote hillside in Mexico? A very fucked up game of truth or dare. Jeff Wadlow’s latest horror thriller, rather appropriately named Truth or Dare, explores the consequences of this, in hindsight, questionable life decision.

The narrative feeds on a broken pot of earth-shattering secrets, at least by teenage standards, which threaten to destabilise this otherwise regal bubble of Spring Break bliss. A couple of emotional confessions and a sparing amount of deaths later, we end up with what was supposed to at least entertain or scare with its lack of sense or meaningful narration.

truth or dare review

When Olivia Barron’s (Lucy Hale) friends managed to persuade her to go to Mexico for one last Spring Break before life tossed them all in separate directions, it all seemed well. The group documented their entire journey on social media, as one is indeed expected to nowadays, partying the night away. It is almost impossible not to notice the awkward tension between Olivia and her best friend Markie’s (Violett Beane) boyfriend, Lucas (Tyler Posey), while Markie is grinding with a random dude on the dance floor. But ever so moral and innocent Olivia bumps into a random dude of her own, who naturally proposes the gang continue the party at a secret location. That triggers a series of events which would see these group members dying out and Olivia’s strict morals disembowelled.

A game of truth or dare, possessed by a tricky demon with a wicked sense of humour, stalks the group back home, asking for the most intimate revelations and the most revealingly challenging dares. ‘Refuse to play and you die.’ Those are the rules. And one by one, Olivia’s friends find themselves dead. Following a string of discoveries, Olivia, Markie and Lucas head back to the beginning, hoping to put a stop to the deadly game now controlling their lives. There, they grind to a painful halt.

truth or dare 2018

Since the ending is the only arguably worthwhile part of the film, you will have to dare to see the whole thing to figure it out. However, it is, to put it lightly, bland: a generous portion of teen soap-opera emotional rollercoasters with a side order of poorly constructed horror and disturbingly unattractive facial expressions. Although there is a psychological side to the thrilling chill of a deadly game exposing your deepest darkest secrets at its own pleasure, the film lacked a certain depth in exploiting this opportunity for something more than love triangles and dick dares. And whereas it is certainly intriguing watching cute little Olivia go bad, there was a serious shortage of gripping horror moments which would have made the constant ‘truth or dare’ thing worth something in the end. In a nutshell, however, Truth or Dare is an extraordinary laid out moral tale about how all it takes is a game-loving blood-thirsty demon to ditch your morals aside and gain confidence in your survival instincts.


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