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Trainwreck – Review


Release Date: 17 July 2015 [USA]
Director: Judd Apatow
Writer: Amy Schumer
Cast: Amy Schumer - Bill Hader - Brie Larson



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Posted August 31, 2015 by

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Trainwreck Review:

“Monogamy is unrealistic” is the mantra that Gordon Townsend teaches his daughters Amy, the eldest, and Kim. 23 years later Amy (Amy Schumer) lives by that mantra. Every guy she’d meet, she’d bring back, bang then show the door before the evening’s out. She has rules like “never sleep over”, breaking them only when she’s exceptionally drunk.

Amy writes for men’s magazine S’nuff and, thinking sports are for stupid people, is given a sports article to write for her tyrannical boss. The article concerns up-and-coming sports doctor Aaron Connors (Bill Hader) with whom Amy organizes an interview. They end up having dinner then drinks and Amy winds up sleeping with him. But something unsettles Amy greatly. She actually enjoys spending time with Aaron.

The movie is centred on Schumer’s character and quite the character is delivered. Schumer is hilarious as this shameless no-regrets party animal. Not only can she play funny goofball and selfish asshole but Amy brings the tears too in a couple of vulnerable scenes. Bill Hader responds to her wonderfully as straight man Dr. Connors (he thankfully does not turn into a giant lizard). Amy’s father Gordon (Colin Quinn) remains foul-mouthed and troublesome into old age while her younger sister, family-woman Kim (Brie Larson), is a bastion of calm amidst a hedonistic storm. Tilda Swinton plays Amy’s boss Dianna, a foul-mouthed Cockney mega-bitch while LeBron James and John Cena show masterclasses in taking the piss out of themselves.

This is Judd Apatow’s first time directing a script not his own, written instead by star Schumer, and yet it all gels so well. Amy Townsend is a fantastically well written work. Her irresponsibility, her fear over her attraction to Aaron and unconscious desire for reasons to break up (despite not wanting to) make her a very credible and sympathetic self-destructive.

It’s not all character study as the laughs are frequent and witty with plenty of Apatow’s signature improv throughout. There’s John Cena attempting to sound threatening and instead he sounds threateningly eager to have gay sex. There’s Amy making up sports team names when quizzed (the Pinecone Acorns, the Orlando Blooms). There’s Bill Hader trying (badly) to calm a terrified Amar’e Stoudemire, due for surgery, when he’s been up all night fighting with Amy. The cameos don’t end there. Keep an eye out for The Dog Walker.

With Schumer’s writing and Apatow’s direction, Trainwreck stands comfortably along with The 40 Year Old Virgin, Knocked Up and the like. But seriously, I want to see the rest of The Dog Walker. Watch the movie and you’ll understand.


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