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This Is The End – Review

This Is The End Review
This Is The End Review
This Is The End Review


Release Date: 12th June 2013
Director: Evan Goldberg - Seth Rogen
Writer: Seth Rogan & Evan Goldberg [Screenplay & Screenstory] - Jason Stone [Idea, Short Film]
Cast: James Franco - Seth Rogan - Jonah Hill - Jay Baruchel - Danny McBride - Craig Robinson



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This Is The End Review:

Being a fan of the former Judd Apatow ‘team’, I was pleasantly surprised when news of ‘This Is The End‘ reached my ears. Especially when you consider the cast, which, including all cameos, unites the actors from popular films like ‘Pineapple Express’, ‘Knocked Up’ and ‘Superbad’.

What you have to ask yourself, like so many other comedies subject to a particular style, is whether or not your a fan! Considering Seth Rogen’s input, being the co-director, co-writer and one of the stars, just ask yourself, do you like his style? If you do, then you will undoubtedly like ‘This Is The End‘. The film’s intention is simple; to make you laugh as often and as hard as possible. Much like so many of the cast’s earlier releases. Personally, being a fan of Rogen and the gang, I really enjoyed their new film.

The narrative and concept is simple, but interesting, and in some ways quite unique; while attending a party at James Franco’s house, the guests are confronted with the apocalypse. To my knowledge, I have not seen another comedy/apocalypse in this style, consequently meaning viewing the film was quite refreshing. Additionally, the cast are all playing themselves, fake and exaggerated versions however (I Hope), which added to both the unique and comic elements of the film. I must also add that certain cameos throughout the film are extremely funny; watch out for Emma Watson, Rihanna & Channing Tatum in particular.

Having said this; this is not to say the film doesn’t have a few negatives points. While it is slapstick obvious humor, some scenes where slightly drawn out, and for lack of a better word, silly. At times, it felt like they where trying to hard…but aside from this, on the whole, the film was very comical, in an exaggerated, easily discernible manner.

‘This Is The End’ – If you like Rogen’s style, then I do not doubt you will like the film. I wouldn’t recommend watching it with your grandparents however, too much drug use and demonic nudity!


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