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The Voices – Review


Release Date: 6 February 2015 [USA]
Director: Marjane Satrapi
Writer: Michael R. Perry
Cast: Ryan Reynolds - Gemma Arterton - Anna Kendrick



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Posted March 19, 2015 by

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The Voices Review:

I previously had the opportunity to write a review on ‘The Captive’ where I explained how amazed I was about Ryan Reynolds’ performance. A few month later, I have to reiterate and say “Wow”, once again, especially when Ryan Reynolds’ performances cannot be compared from ‘The Captive’ to ‘The Voices’. Let me explain.

The voices’ are spoken by the cat (Mister Whiskers) and the dog (Bosco) of Jerry Hickfang. Jerry lives ontop of a bowling alley, and works at the famous bathtub factory in Milton, the most typical Midwest town, with its Chinese restaurant, its sheriff, its karaoke and whatnot. Jerry also visits his therapist, Miss Warren (Jacki Weaver, from ‘Stoker’, ‘Silver Linings Playbook’, ‘Animal Kingdom’), but not to talk to her about the voices he hears, no, just to reassure her on the fact that everything is swell and good for him : the boss is so proud of him that he asked him to take care of the music for the next barbecue planned in the factory ! What a good news, right ?

The good news is, this will allow Jerry to get close to Fiona (Gemma Arterton, from ‘Runner Runner, ‘Byzantium’, ‘the Boat That Rocked’ – Gemma, if you are reading this, please marry me !) who works in the accountant office. Fiona is from an exotic place called England, she’s gorgeous, and seems kind of being into Jerry as well, now that he agreed to lead the conga with her at the end of the party. Well, love is in the air. Even Alison (Ella Smith, first performance) and Lisa (Anna Kendrick, from ‘End of Watch’, ‘What to Expect When You’re Expecting’, the ‘Twilight’ saga (everybody does mistakes, right ?)) seems a bit jealous of Fiona, since she’s getting all Jerry’s attention.

But Jerry’s cat is upset, since Jerry didn’t had the chance to “f*** the b**** yet”. Mister Whiskers will try and push Jerry to man up, ask Fiona out, and do his business with her. Unfortunately, the plan doesn’t go very well, and by the end of the day Jerry “unintentionally” murdered her. Oh, and severed her head up to put it in the fridge, and disposed the rests of her body in many many Tupperware boxes. But I must emphasize the fact that it was “unintentional”.

If Jerry feels very sorry for what he did, the cat explains it is in every living nature to kill in order to be alive, and that he should listen more to its inner urges, when Bosco, the dog, tries to be more obliging, more conciliatory to put Jerry in a responsible position, by surrendering himself to the Police. I’ll leave you the pleasure of discovering how Jerry will get himself out of this unfortunate situation…

‘The Voices’ is clearly a surprise for me, as is it a very good example of a cultural mix between the Hollywood standards and other influences, for instance here the French black humor. By Hollywood standards, I mean the casting, the framing of the scenes, the narration, the CGIs, and by French influence I mean the fact that the Director Marjane Satrapi is French, the costumes, the photography, the editing, the music are taken care of by French people, and the liberty given in the tone is clearly way out of line for Hollywood : Mister Whiskers is the perfect epitome of this idea – a cursing cat pushing you to kill people, how great is that ?, but the psychological terror we can feel during a few sessions in the movie are clearly not treated like a random horror movie : the part when Jerry remembers his last encounter with is mother is very frightening, and I don’t think a regular Hollywood director would have chosen such a course.

It’s not a horror movie. It’s not even a funny movie, it’s a funny movie with horrifying moments where the main character has no idea of what he is doing, what life really is, and what consequences for his actions really are. And you can see a Chinese waiter performing some Elvis’ song in a restaurant, which is pretty priceless ! But most of all, Ryan Reynolds is simply amazing in this completely shifted character. ‘The Voices’ is far from being the movie of the year, but I guarantee you’ll have some good time… as long as you remember to take you pills!


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