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The November Man – Review


Release Date: 27 August 2014 [USA]
Director: Roger Donaldson
Writer: Michael Finch - Karl Gajdusek [Screenplay] - Bill Granger - [Book "There Are No Spies"]
Cast: Pierce Brosnan - Luke Bracey - Olga Kurylenko



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The November Man – Review

I remembered laughing my heart out when I saw ‘The World’s End’ and the quick appearance of Pierce Brosnan. Deep down I was also wondering when we would be allowed to see him in a new film as the true movie star that he is. I couldn’t possibly make you believe that I had some doubts, the first time I heard about this ‘November Man’ : Roger Donaldson, whom is not known to be a fluent director : some good jobs were done, such as ‘The Recruit’ or ‘The Bank Job’, but also some awful ones, like ‘Species’ or ‘Dante’s Peak’ (also starring Pierce Brosnan) was my first apprehension, and the fact that Olga Kurylenko (‘Hitman’, ‘Max Payne’ ‘To the Wonder’) was costarring the film was another, yet bigger, fear of mine. But, as a Brosnan’s fan (and I don’t think he needs any further presentation, does he ?), I gladly opened the doors of my theaters to go watch this new espionage movie, although saddened it was not a secret James Bond project…

Peter Devereaux (Pierce Brosnan) got retired after his last mission turned ugly : his protégé in the CIA, David Mason (Luke Bracey from ‘G.I. Joe Conspiracy’) disobeyed a direct order and killed a young boy : out of despite, Devereaux quitted the Agency and went to open a café in Lausanne, Switzerland. A few years later, his colleague Hanley (Bill Smitrovich from ‘Ted’, ‘Seven Pounds’, ‘Eagle Eye’) asks him for help on a job in Russia : Federov, the new favorite for the presidency, may holds informations about the last war in Chechnya which led to thousands and thousands of death. Natalia, an agent working undercover in Federov’s office, get caught trying to steal evidences, tries to get away but, instead of rescuing her, Perry Weinstein (Will Patton, from ‘Entrapment’, ‘Gone in Sixty Seconds’, ‘Brooklyn’s Finest’), the former boss of Devereaux, decides to kill her in order to prevent compromising the Agency. He didn’t realized that Natalia was also involved with Devereaux. Devereaux was lucky enough to recover the information Natalia had stolen, which led him in Belgrade, to Alice Fournier (Olga Kurylenko)… His endgame is set to discover the truth about Federov and to avenge Natalia by killing everyone within the Agency who would try to stop him.

Well, that being said, it could make you feel like a simple revenge movie. It is, but not just that. It is more of an espionage movie than just some lame story about the guy who wants to kill everybody on its path.

It was really pleasant to watch Pierce Brosnan back in the struggles of the espionage world. The performances of each character is good enough to understand everyone’s agenda in a story that does not reveal itself in fifteen minutes : you only understand the real plot in the last half-hour : a bold move that I can only applause, especially when you realize the ramifications at stake. I won’t say more on the matter though…

You will find in this movie a real ambience but not because of the music, which seemed very absent. The ambience is actually related to the editing and the visual effects within the action sequences, which are always not numerous enough in my opinion.

So, yes, a pretty decent film, that will make you go beyond the soil purpose of entertainment and hopefully think of topics such as “who really benefits from wars”, even if you may think the question may be blunt or obvious.


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