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The Interview – Review


Release Date: 24th December 2014 [USA]
Director: Evan Goldberg - Seth Rogen
Writer: Dan Sterling [Screenplay] - Seth Rogen - Evan Goldberg - Dan Sterling [Story]
Cast: James Franco - Seth Rogen - Randall Park - Lizzy Caplan



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Posted February 6, 2015 by

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The Interview Review:

Before watching ‘The Interview’, I wanted to be able to write this review without falling in the political controversy its release gave birth to. Now that I have watched – and enjoy every second of it ! – this new ‘Goldberg-Rogen’ creation, I know I won’t be able not to talk about its consequences.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t really think that North Korea has the will or even the means to hack Sony’s Headquarters. I even thought Obama was really childish to even consider it was possible for North Korea to perform such a precise attack. Yet again, who could possibly know the truth about all this ? Was it really true ? Wasn’t it just a commercial stunt to make people talk about the film before its release ? The only truth to be sure about is, yes, people talked, and people bought it on Netflix, and people – such as yours truly – paid a ticket to watch it.

Dave Skylark (James Franco, from ‘Spring Breakers’, ‘127 Hours’, ‘Milk’) is the host of the ‘Skylark Tonight’ show, quite a mediocre talk-show where you can watch Eminem revealing his homosexuality as well as listen to people talking about Miley Cyrus’ camel-toe. Even though, Dave is happy with his job. Aaron Rapaport (Seth Rogen, from ‘The Green Hornet’, ‘Pineapple Express’, ‘50/50’), the producer of the show and Dave’s best friend, is himself not very pleased with the situation, given the lack of seriousness of the show. Realizing that North Korea may become a real threat to the US West Coast where they live, Dave and Aaron decides to ask Kim Jung-Un, the Supreme Leader of North Korea, for an interview that will prove the country their professionalism. They would eventually have the opportunity to perform furthermore interview with political leaders from all around the world, who knows ?

As a matter of fact, despite disapproving the western culture within his country, Kim Jung-Un (Randall Park, from ‘Neighbors’, ‘The Five-Year Engagement’) is actually a big fan of the Skylark Tonight show, and agrees for an interview, as long as it is shooted from a North-Korean studio, and with a pre-selected questions that Dave is not allowed to change whatsoever. In the meantime, the two partners are getting in touch with CIA Agent Lacey (Lizzy Caplan, from TV Show ‘Master of Sex’, ‘Cloverfield’, ‘Save the Date’). The CIA wants to take the opportunity of the two of them being close to Kim Jung-Un during the Interview to elaborate a plan and kill him. Of course, Dave and Aaron are not very excited about the idea at first, but Lacey stroke a chord using the atomic threat of the North Korean nukes over Los Angeles, so do they finally agree to do their best and terminate the dreadful dictator. What was their surprise when, after landing on North Korea soil, they discovered a country where people were happy to live, where stores were filled with foods and commodities, and where Kim Jung-Un was himself the coolest guy ever met ?

If I really wanted to be unbiased, I would say that ‘The Interview’ is at least as much critical towards the North Korean government as it is critical about the western uses, and even more about their medias : James Fraco’s character is irritating and annoying enough to prove that quite clearly, and the obsessiveness shown by Agent Lacy to kill Kim Jung-Un, whatever the consequences, stand to me as a critic of the U.S. Government’s way to meet with its own agenda… Hell, there’s plenty of things to say about the film, but you won’t be able to say it is not fun ! The ‘Goldberg-Rogen’ recipe that was so effective in ‘This is the End’ hits the bull’s eye once again in this off-the-wall Interview. I won’t call it a piece of art, nor a ‘must-see-at-all-cost’, but the fans of the Apatow crew and humoristic brew will definitely enjoy it. This being said, I remain convince that North-Korea must have felt dishonored in the process, although I have no idea how they did manage to see the movie before everybody else. I guess the truth will remains in the depth of History. It is yet another example of what freedom of speech means : being able to mock someone, some government, some beliefs, without fear of retributions. That kind of liberty seems to be not granted for everybody, even today, so, if they can’t or won’t laugh for whatever reasons, do not hesitate to do it for them, because there is never enough laughter in this world.


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