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The Conjuring 2 – Review


Release Date: 10 June 2016 [USA]
Director: James Wan
Writer: Carey Hayes - Chad Hayes - James Wan - David Leslie Johnson [Screenplay] - Carey Hayes - Chad Hayes - James Wan [Story]
Cast: Vera Farmiga - Patrick Wilson - Madison Wolfe

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The Conjuring 2 Review:

I’ll be honest and say that I didn’t manage to see a lot of the actual scares in this film, seeing as I was peeping out from behind my hands clasped to my face.

The Conjuring 2 picks up in the middle of famed ghost hunting couple – Ed and Lorraine Warren, lacking in passion of helping so-called ‘hauntings’. Lorraine being the main driving force behind wanting to leave the profession behind, in order to ultimately protect their family. However they are in some sense pulled all the way across the pond to England for ‘one last job’. The new haunting being dubbed the English Amityville, is based on the real life claims of the Enfield Poltergeist. Which follows the often sceptical haunting of a family in London, where the second daughter was possessed by the demon of an elderly man… Not in the slightest bit scary right? Well The Conjuring 2 made me rethink it.

I liked it to an extent in which it was less frightening than its predecessor, the first Conjuring film does still to this day scare me at night when I lie in bed and begin to think of every single horror film I’ve ever watched. But with the second instalment I can’t decide whether or not it was due to it being based in England which may be a contribution to it being less of a tense storyline. That being said, elements of humour have injected their way into The Conjuring 2, being the awkwardness of the British public, or… well actually that’s about it. Maybe the fact that a demon in it does bare uncanny resemblance to Marilyn Manson does dumb down the tone of trying to scare its audience.

The key to banishing the demon overall can be seen towards the start of the film – that’s if you have a good eye for film clues. There is an evident nod to something which in the long run will save the day (SPOILER) – i.e. the demon’s name being spelt out earlier in the film.

Personally if you wish to maybe get a better night’s sleep than expected after watching a horror film, I would opt for this instalment into the franchise. And that’s why I do like this film better than the first, purely due to the lesser amount of scares.


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