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Ted – Review

Ted Review
Ted Review
Ted Review


Release Date: 1st August 2012
Director: Seth Macfarlane
Writer: Seth Macfarlane - Alec Sulkin - Wellesley Wild
Cast: Mark Wahlberg - Mila Kunis - Seth Macfarlane



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Posted October 3, 2012 by

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Ted Review:

The eagerly awaited ‘Ted‘ has finally reached our screens, and the film proves to be a fine addition to Seth Macfarlane’s growing list of comic projects.

There is just one thing you need to consider when deciding to go and see ‘Ted‘ – Do you like Macfarlane’s comic style? His influence in the film is so obvious that avid fans of ‘Family Guy’, ‘American Dad’ or anything else that he has created will enjoy ‘Ted’ immensely.

The storyline follows John Bennett, who as a child was granted the miracle wish of owning a living teddy bear. Twenty-seven years later, the bear, Ted, remains at his side, but problems begin when John’s girlfriend starts to demand more from their relationship.

The narrative structure of the film is simple, it moves in a cause and effect chain that naturally lets the comic scenes and dialogue flow through the characters. The film is not exceptional in its direction, editing, cinematography, sound and music which are all adequate, but one does not look for perfection in these traits for a film like ‘Ted’, you accept them for what they are provided the film is not badly constructed. ‘Ted’ it is simply a film made in Seth Macfarlanes inimitable style.

‘Ted’ did contain one or two obscure scenes that seemed too contrived and perhaps a little ridiculous, however this is to be expected with Macfarlane’s influence, one only has to look at ‘Family Guy’ to notice that he does favour the unusual at times.

Ultimately it is the clever writing that makes ‘Ted’ so comical – The dialogue in the film is natural and jokes flow quickly through the characters, resulting in a very good, appealing screen chemistry. As with Macfarlane’s animated exploits, the comedy is crude and borders on the controversial but remains unique to his style, independent, and welcomed change from the sea of ‘slap-stick’ ‘scream-at-each-other’ comedies that are becoming all too familiar.

As a big Seth Macfarlane fan, I thought ‘Ted’ was very comical. If you like his style, and Television programs such as ‘Family Guy’ or ‘American Dad’ then I would recommend it – I just wouldn’t recommend watching it with your Grandparents.


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