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Ted 2 – Review


Release Date: 26 June 2015 [USA]
Director: Seth MacFarlane
Writer: Seth MacFarlane - Alec Sulkin - Wellesley Wild
Cast: Mark Wahlberg - Seth MacFarlane - Amanda Seyfried - Jessica Barth - Giovanni Ribisi - Morgan Freeman - Patrick Warburton

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Ted 2 Review:

As a person who has written a short film using a puppet, I know how fun it is to have an inanimate object speaking on your behalf. Seth MacFarlane, as the mastermind behind the long-running Family Guy cartoon and several movies, understands and enjoys the freedom to say anything when you have a non- human speaking for you. Puppets and cartoons can get away with politically incorrect humor much more readily than humans. This is a good thing, because the best humor almost always comes from the edgiest of topics.

TED 2 is a return of the lovable Peter Griffin, I mean, Ted the Bear (voiced by Seth MacFarlane), with the funny, if a bit dickish, heart. From the very start there is no doubt that this is a Ted movie as the crass-talking bear is at a his own wedding and dick and gay jokes are flying all over the place. Then the credits roll over a pretty awesome song and dance routine which at times feels like a live-action version of the Family Guy intro. Not a bad thing.

Ted 2 revolves around the bear trying to hold his marriage together while also helping his friend John (Mark Wahlberg) find love. Naturally, the solutions they come up with are ridiculous and serve to fuel the tidal wave of humor. Ted wants to help his marriage by having a baby, but since he’s a bear, he needs human DNA. Hilarity ensues. But in the search to have a child, it turns out that Ted isn’t legally an individual. He’s property. None of this is a spoiler if you’ve seen the trailer. Along the way to making Ted the Bear a legal, living entity, John and Ted recruit the help of Samantha L. Jackson (Amanda Seyfried). The trio go through a fairly predictable journey. But a clever plot is not really the point of Ted movies. We’re not here for an intellectually challenging comedy, but a fun, ridiculous, and borderline nonsensical ride which includes Giovanni Ribisi as a Janitor with an agenda and a host of random cameos.

As typical with McFarlane’s work, Ted 2 touches on just about every single relevant topic today, while simultaneously referencing hundreds of different things from pop culture history. Bill Cosby reference? Check. Racist and sexist humor? Check and check. Dick jokes? They cocker viewers. Pun intended.

So, your enjoyment of Ted 2 solely depends on how you feel about Seth MacFarlane and the Family Guy brand of humor. If you’re not familiar with what I’m talking about it’s typically a schizophrenic barrage of jokes, many of which are almost certain to offend someone, somewhere. Personally, I happen to love it, since I remember a hilarious world before political correctness reared its ugly head. But, I can also understand why it might turn off or even be dull to audiences looking for something with a little more story, character, or intellectual humor. MacFarlane’s work is more about being able to keep thousands of hours of pop culture history in your mind and at the ready.

Ted 2 is simple and to the point. If you liked the first, this is more of the same but in a good way. Many of the millions of jokes land. Wahlberg and Seyfried are excellent as straight-men to Ted the Bear’s unstoppable charming crassness. Supporting characters are wild and ridiculous as they should be. In a way, nothing new to see here, except for the assault on political correctness by one of the few entities still truly free to do so — a talking teddy bear.


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    Great review however I’ll file that movie under Netflix …maybe. Lol

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