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Spectre – Review


Release Date: 26th October 2015
Director: Sam Mendes
Writer: John Logan - Neal Purvis - Robert Wade - Jez Butterworth [Screenplay] - John Logan - Neal Purvis - Robert Wade [Story] - Ian Fleming [Novel]
Cast: Daniel Craig - Christoph Waltz - Ralph Fiennes - Léa Seydoux - Dave Bautista - Naomie Harris - Ben Whishaw



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Spectre Review:

After a rogue mission to Mexico City attracts too much negative attention and furthers the case for disbanding the Double-0 programme, Bond is suspended from active duty. Not one to sit around for long, Bond enlists the help of Moneypenny and Q as he, without permission, tries to finish what he begun in Mexico; to follow a lead on what may be a massive terrorist syndicate hiding under our very noses.

While what you have just read looks exactly like the premise of Mission Impossible 5: Rogue Nation, you are in for something richer, deeper and all together better.

We begin with the much hyped Mexico City opening scene; Parades with macabre floats, a thousand plus extras, swooping long cuts and a skull-faced Bond walking amongst it all. Massive movie making at its most marvellous. Hoyte van Hoytema shoots a gorgeous picture, all in 35mm stock. Picking up after Roger Deakins, he regardless gives us stunning Austrain Alps, sultry Roman skylines and one hell of an explosion, the biggest in movie history in fact.

Another Mendes regular returning is Thomas Newman, delivering a score sometimes thrilling, sometimes sweeping, all of it grand and keeping the continuity with Skyfall tight.

The plots of the previous three Bond movies have been retconned into pieces of a massive and more personal scheme and it may feel a little clumsy but you’ll be having too much fun to care. The plot seamlessly weaves vintage Bond-villain fantasy with real world fears, specifically the mass surveillance scares of the last couple of years. Bond is in danger of being replaced by drones and CCTV.

Craig is supported excellently by Ralph Fiennes, Ben Wishaw, Naomi Harris and Rory Kinnear. Fiennes’ M, with Dame Dench’s formidable shadow looming over him, makes the role his own quickly while Wishaw’s Q is given more screen minutes to play with this time around and enjoys some of Spectre’s funnier moments.

Monica Bellucci makes her sparse scenes impressionable yet Léa Seydoux ultimately gets the meatier role. Madeleine Swann ticks all the Bond Girl boxes but the qualities don’t end there. She’s got initiative, savvy and a shady history all her own.

Oberhauser is a darker, more restrained character for the charismatic Christoph Waltz. None of the goofiness or mania seen in his Tarantino roles is here. Instead we have immense dark presence, determination and some very deep-seated resentment. Doing his dirty work is Dave Bautista’s Mr Hinx, a welcome nod to the classic henchman. Craig is the buffest Bond yet and Mr. Hinx dwarfs him. Their train-carriage showdown (a nod to Connery and Shaw’s locomotive dust-up) is down-right terrifying.

Last but not least, 007 himself. At this stage, Daniel Craig is effortlessly Bond. The insufferable backlash of 2005 is a distant memory now. It may always be argued whose Bond is best but Craig’s is undoubtedly the most developed.

Since Casino Royale, we’ve watched Bond grow and suffer and thrive. Coming to the end of Spectre and thinking on the entire Craig era, a circle feels as if it has been closed and, thankfully, cleanly. All the critical qualities that Sam Mendes brought to Skyfall, a Bond movie certainly in a league of its own, have been brought back for Spectre. It is action-packed, it is beautifully shot, it is tightly written and it is wonderfully acted. Whoever helms Bond’s next outing will have this spectre haunting them.


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