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Sisters – Review


Release Date: 18th December 2015 [USA]
Director: Jason Moore
Writer: Paula Pell
Cast: Amy Poehler - Tina Fey - Maya Rudolph



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Posted December 21, 2015 by

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Sisters Review:

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are hilarious separately and comedy gold when they are together so Sisters seemed like the perfect film to showcase their talents on the big screen as two polar-opposite siblings who throw one last party at their childhood home.

Fey plays against her usual type to become the rebellious sister Kate, who cannot hold down a job and look after her daughter. Maura (Poehler) is really sweet, caring to a fault and always putting others before herself. So far, so stereotypical. When Maura finds out her parents are selling their childhood home, she and Kate make a trip back to Orlando to go through their things.

However, when they arrive they discover it has actually already been sold and the new owners are moving in within days. These two mature adults then rebel and throw a massive rager in the house. Naturally, chaos ensues.

How you receive Sisters will depend on your mood. If you are up for lame fart and sex jokes, then this will be a blast. If you were hoping for jokes with a bit more substance, you came to the wrong place. This is very basic in its humour. I would have preferred if Fey and Poehler had starred in a comedy vehicle they had written themselves, because they are witty, so well-observed and make some hard-hitting truthful jokes. However, this was written by their Saturday Night Live friend Paula Pell, her first movie screenplay, and the quality is just not there.

The script is very reliant on random shouting and general shots of people getting wasted at the party, which failed to even raise a smile let alone a laugh. Some moments it was obvious Fey and Poehler were improvising and those were great because their natural chemistry shines through, but the rest was a mixed bag. It is not all terrible – a dance sequence and a dress shopping scene stand out as highlights.

The support cast were equally frustrating. The usually adorable Maya Rudolph played an awful character so unlikeable she was irritating. SNL star Bobby Moynihan is annoying initially, but then he takes drugs and it is most loathsome character ever. He is not remotely funny. However, Ike Barinholtz was an interesting choice for the love interest and a welcome addition to the cast and wrestler John Cena is hilarious as a drug dealer.

Sadly, Sisters was not the laugh-a-minute riot I was hoping for. It is enjoyable enough, but the humour is lame when I was expecting something a bit smarter and less predictable. Hopefully next time the comedy duo team up, they will write the script themselves!


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