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Sinister 2 – Review


Release Date: 21 August 2015 [USA]
Director: Ciarán Foy
Writer: Scott Derrickson - C. Robert Cargill
Cast: James Ransone - Shannyn Sossamon - Robert Daniel Sloan



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Sinister 2 Review:

Ah, yes, the inevitable and almighty horror movie sequel for 2012’s SINISTER has arrived in the form of SINISTER 2: SINISTER-ER. Just kidding about the subtitle, it’s just Sinister 2. Horror has a strange cost-effect ratio. For a low cost you can make a very effective movie and spawn a host of sequels that each become more costly and less effective. Ideally, the franchise to be doesn’t get too costly and doesn’t lose complete effectiveness, but I can’t think of one franchise which doesn’t have more duds than hits.

I enjoyed the first Sinister, but really more as a comedy. It was comically by-the- numbers, though I do give them credit for trying to reach for the standard and found- footage horror audiences at the same time. Ethan Hawke’s performance in a movie that borderline made no sense was fun to watch too. In Sinister 2 we get no Ethan Hawke, but James Ransone reprising his role from the first movie, and Shannyn Sossamon as a paranoid single mom in an entirely new film that doesn’t really make much sense.

Sinister 2 is the next chapter in the story of Mr. Boogie (Nick King), a demon and avant- garde film producer of sorts. Mr. Boogie, or Bughuul if you want the monster to sound a little less ridiculous, loves to feast on the souls of children. Whenever a family moves into a house where Bughuul’s impossibly well-preserved, Super 8 snuff films exist, he manipulates one of the children into making concept art and shooting a new film. That’s the Sinister series thus far. It’s kind of silly that way and doesn’t dwell too much in details. It’s instant gratification horror which works to make enough of an impact to fund the next movie. If you want the best recent example of this then watch the SAW series. If you want the worst example, watch PARANORMAL ACTIVITY.

Shannyn Sossamon and her two boys move into the home from the original Sinister. One of her kids is tormented by nightmares and is led one night to the basement by Bughuul’s children. In the basement, the boy watches one of Bughuul’s movies and wackiness begins to ensue. James Ransone returns as now ex-Deputy So & So and I’m SO serious that’s the character’s name. Again, I remind you, this is Sinister. The Deputy is now on his own and investigating Bughuul’s legacy of murders. He’s also doing something important by burning down the houses where the Bughuul-related murders have taken place. On the surface this seems like great idea, but there are two problems. First, The Deputy is now a serial arsonist and probably wanted by the police and FBI, though I don’t think that’s ever mentioned. Secondly, if you don’t burn the snuff films, which seemingly contain a universe within which Bughuul lives, then the nightmare will live on into more sequels. So, really, it makes much more sense to just find the tapes and destroy them, or bury them forever. Doing it this way would also be less taxing on The Deputy’s criminal record and be much, much easier and safer than systematically burning down private property.

I digress, Sinister 2 is more of the same. Director Ciaran Foy does nothing of interest, the script is straightforward, and the soundtrack is about as lifeless as you can get in a film. Sossamon, Ransone, and the kids all do admirable jobs in a film that doesn’t demand much from them. If you liked the first Sinister, you’ll probably like this one. It has creepy kids, PG-13 snuff films, jump scares, nonsensical lore, and gore. It also has the comical cameo by Bughuul who is like the Alfred Hitchcock of the demonic filmmaker scene.


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