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Sex Tape – Review


Release Date: 18th July 2014 [USA]
Director: Jake Kasdan
Writer: Kate Angelo - Jason Segel - Nicholas Stoller [Screenplay] - Kate Angelo [Story]
Cast: Jason Segel - Cameron Diaz - Rob Corddry - Ellie Kemper - Rob Lowe - Nat Faxon



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Posted September 8, 2014 by

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Sex Tape Review:

With the stifling negativity that surrounds ‘Sex Tape‘, it seems that audiences and critics alike have been quick to issue harsh judgments here, employing a firm derogatory stance as if a film about a racy home video was ever going to be more than what it is.

Before we get down and dirty with the details, let’s all agree on one thing – you have to admire the display of chutzpah here. Cameron Diaz gets ballsy, quite literally, whilst lending her shapely rear to the occasion and Jason Segel gets…well, comfortable, as he goes back to bare since Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008).

Director Jake Kasdan’s Sex Tape unites Diaz and Segel for the second time since Bad Teacher (2011) and does well to pick up on the couple’s chemistry; his loutish charisma and her glassy cheek marry seamlessly.

We first meet the charming couple cavorting like bunnies in every place that you haven’t, but their fondling is soon shunned when the responsibilities of parenthood begin to take their toll. In a bid to reignite their libidos, Annie (Diaz) and Jay (Segel) decide to video their act of intimacies; or more accurately, demonstrating every position in ‘The Joy of Sex’.

Although it does the trick in arousing Jay and Annie’s dormant love life, disaster strikes when their private video becomes not so private. Failing to erase the tape has resulted in its synchronization to the cloud, and is now accessible to every friend or family member that Jay and Annie have ever given an iPad to; and although it seems unlikely to just be given an iPad, the generous duo hand them out like cards at a poker game. Consequently, the crazed couple run riot, haphazardly hunting these devices before anybody watches their biggest mistake.

Rob Corddry, along with a cardigan-wearing and cocaine-snorting Rob Lowe, topline a sensational supporting cast, along with a surprise appearance from a fabulously cast actor whose name I won’t divulge (you’ll thank me later).

It’s true that Sex Tape falters somewhat in fulfilling its own potential, as its gags are often more cringe than laugh-out-loud and for all its faux crudity, it is annoyingly bashful. But beyond the stiffness of it all (excuse the pun), there’s an honest effort to convey good intentions and as light-hearted entertainment, this bawdy comedy-of-errors just about does the ****job.

As a final thought, given current headlines of leaked celebrity nudes and cloud hacking, it seems the timing of Sex Tape couldn’t be more unfortunate…or is it fortunate? Stifling negativity? I blame Jennifer Lawrence.


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