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Nerve – Review


Release Date: 27 July 2016 [USA]
Director: Henry Joost - Ariel Schulman
Writer: Jeanne Ryan [Novel] - Jessica Sharzer [Screenplay]
Cast: Emma Roberts - Dave Franco - Emily Meade



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Nerve Review:

These days the internet has become very important in our daily lives, we use it to learn, share, communicate and also for entertainment. The internet definitely has many advantages but also a lot disadvantages, which is what the movie Nerve touches on; the dangers of the internet and social media.

High schooler Vee Delmonico (Emma Roberts) is tired of living life on the sidelines. After being peer pressured by her friends, Vee decides to join a popular online game called “Nerve” which challenges people to accept dares in exchange for money. Paired with a mysterious stranger, Ian (Dave Franco) they complete dares which starts off as harmless fun but soon takes a sinister turn as dares become increasing dangerous.

Nerve has a pretty dark concept, I’ve seen similar movies to Nerve like “13 Sins” and “Would You Rather” but Nerve incorporates Social Media and the internet into the film making it even more shocking. The motivation for joining Nerve is usually for money and fame, but in Vee’s case it was just to prove her friends she can be wild and daring. It’s pretty shocking when you see what these teens are willing to do just for more Instagram followers, money and fame. That’s what makes this film dark and horrifying that it’s kind of realistic, how money, fame and peer pressure can make people put their life at risk.

But that wasn’t the only shocking thing; Nerve also shows how the game knows everything about you from your social media, your google searches and your online purchases. Which is one of the dangers of the internet, your life isn’t so private anymore. But one of the biggest dangers of the internet which unfortunately affects a lot of people is cyberbullying which was shown in the film through a scrolling comment section on the side of the screen.

Vee and Ian run round New York City together completing dares set by the “watchers” of the game, watchers are able to watch, comment and record players but must pay $20 every 24 hours. The watchers are basically the enemies in this film not the game itself as they are ones that get to choose the horrible dares while hiding behind their screens egging on the players for their entertainment.

This film was a real eye-opener, but also it was good and I enjoyed it. Nerve was fun, shocking, intense and fast-paced. The film did a good job of keeping the intensity and making the viewer nervous; Nerve definitely had me on the edge of my seat and made me gasp as I saw a character doing a completely dangerous dare. Just like the characters the movie was full of energy and shot in an exciting way, making it impossible for the viewer to be bored. The colours were gorgeous; the neon aesthetics set a nice vibe for the film and the soundtrack added excitement making it an amazing viewing experience. But with the bright cinematography and soundtrack you can tell this film was targeted at teens.

The best thing about Nerve was the visual effects, text messages were displayed neatly and the comments, views and usernames were displayed like you were actually watching a live broadcast. Nerve managed to capture hacking, social media and the internet successfully while still making it engaging to watch.

The main issues I had with the movie were the clichéd characters, the typical teen drama and some parts were highly exaggerated. Emma Roberts and Dave Franco were charming leads for the film, but I didn’t really care much for their characters, probably because I’ve seen their types of characters in every other teen movie. Vee was basically the shy girl who never does anything adventurous with a crush on the popular guy at school. Her best friend Sydney (Emily Meade) is just another jealous mean girl who wants to be famous and uses her friends. Ian is the mysterious guy who falls for the shy girl. So you get what I mean, the characters were very clichéd, thinly written and didn’t give me much reason to care for them. If it wasn’t Emma Roberts and Dave Franco who portrayed these characters I’ll probably would have liked them even less.

Some parts of the film were exaggerated which is understandable to make the movie more intense but there was a point that it got really silly.

Despite those problems Nerve is an entertaining, thrilling and energetic, teen-friendly movie. It is successful at capturing the dangers of the internet and manages to get its message across while still being fun and exciting however it is let down by its ending


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