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Moby Dick Review:

Jaws meets The Perfect Storm in this two-part period drama, based on Herman Melville’s American Renaissance novel of the same name.

William Hurt flawlessly stars as Captain Ahab, a self-destructive son-of-a-gun who hurtles across miles of desolate ocean, waging a poisonous war on the albino sperm whale that maimed him some time previously.

Follow co-star Ethan Hawke’s lead – who has an arduous time as the only shipmate steered by a moral compass – and you’ll find the best screen adaptation of the big fish since Patrick Stewart’s ’98 outing.

The monomaniacal quest of Ahab is told from the standpoint of Ishmael (Charlie Cox), a fledgling who joins the colourful crew of the Pequod with the aid of his harpoonist friend, Queequeeg. Governed by a captain hell bent on vengeance and who rules his ship with as much ruthlessness as Davy Jones, a band of ungodly renegades, runaways and cannibals set sail out of Nantucket to begin their onerous search for the angry sea mountain.

As with the likes of Jaws, we eye the maritime mammal through underwater glimpses and transitory glances, thus giving size and shape to the swimming skyscraper. This does well to ground the beast as a perilous presence and enter it into the same league of underwater behemoths as the Kraken and Godzilla.

When the horde of whalers first view their target, only then do they realise the titanic task of capturing it. Suddenly, there’s mutiny on the horizon. Ahab endeavors to tame a crew so scared to name Moby Dick, it’s as if it were Voldemort.

There are moments in where our adventure begins to dither into silliness, but fortunately, its ship manages to steer clear of rough waters before sinking. Ultimately, Moby Dick is an absorbing tale of one man’s obsession to enact revenge on a whale that quite frankly, is better off left alone.


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