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Miles Ahead – Review


Release Date: 1 April 2016 [USA]
Director: Don Cheadle
Writer: Steven Baigelman - Don Cheadle [Screenplay]
Cast: Don Cheadle - Emayatzy Corinealdi - Ewan McGregor

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Miles Ahead Review:

Miles Ahead, directed by Don Cheadle, is a biopic about the life of Miles Davies (played by Don Cheadle). The story follows Miles Davies trying to get his musical talent back. Meanwhile Dave Brill (played by Ewan McGregor) a journalist is trying to write the comeback story for Miles Davies.

The acting in the film was very good as I couldn’t tell it was Don Cheadle during the film. Ewan McGregor also acted very well as the journalist Dave Brill.

The story of the film was very interesting as we followed Miles Davies life through two different points of his life. There was the main story line and the flash backs. I will say that some of the story wasn’t that great. There were scenes that had no use in the film or the scenes weren’t very interesting.

The film had many tense scenes. Such as the scenes between Miles Davies and Frances Taylor (played by Emayatzy Corinealdi) when Miles Davies starts to lose it. Another tense scene was the car chase. The car chase contains fast driving and shooting. Two things I did not expect to see in the film. This scene is a very strange scene but I did enjoy it.

The film missed out a huge chunk of Miles Davies life as we don’t get to see how Miles Davies gets his talent back. I felt like this was a let-down, after all the waiting in the film, and we don’t see how he gets his talent back.

I felt that the end was a bit slow. Nothing much happened in the last 10 minutes really. And then the film just ended. It was as if it was an incomplete film with scenes missing. it is not a thing we expect from a biopic. As an audience we do expect all the main facts and scenes to be shown. Especially if it’s meant to be a good biopic.

In conclusion Miles Ahead was good, but it was a let-down because of the ending and the missing scenes. I will say that the acting in the film was really good and probably made the film what it is. The actors got really into character, especially Don Cheadle who did a very good impression of Miles Davies. The camera shots were decent and the directing was good. Some of the transitions between scenes of the main story and the flash backs were really good.


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