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Man Of Steel – Review

Man Of Steel Review
Man Of Steel Review
Man Of Steel Review


Release Date: 14th June 2013
Director: Zach Snyder
Writer: David S. Goyer [Screenplay & Story] Christopher Nolan [Story] Jerry Siegal & Joe Shuster [Character]
Cast: Henry Cavil - Amy Adams - Michael Shannon - Diane Lane - Russell Crowe - Laurence Fishburne - Kevin Costner - Antje Traue



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Posted July 17, 2013 by

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Man Of Steel Review:

So arrives ‘Man Of Steel‘, the new addition to the ‘Superman’ franchise, and arguably one of the most anticipated films of the year. There is no doubt that this film has a lot to live up to, with Christopher Nolan, director of ‘The Dark Knight’ trilogy and ‘Inception’ producing, Zack Snyder, the man responsible for ‘Sucker Punch’, ‘300’ and ‘Watchmen’ directing, an A-List cast, and the overwhelming popularity of ‘Superman’ himself, the film was always going to generate a lot of excitement.

Lets begin with the positives shall we? Firstly, ‘Man Of Steel‘ introduced a darker ascetic to the ‘Superman’ franchise, an element that was without a doubt the result of Nolan and Snyder’s creative input. The darker element added a unique twist to the franchise, as the previous ‘Superman’ films have been portrayed in a lighter manner.

Secondly, somewhat obviously, the visual effects throughout the film were stunning. ‘Man Of Steel’ employed CGI techniques, visual editing and special effects that rivals the best visual films. This consequently means that the film was action packed to say the least, and if dazzling sequences of action are what you’re looking for, then look no further than ‘Man Of Steel’.

Unfortunately, however, little more of a positive nature can be said. While the cast and acting was acceptable, it was certainly nothing special, and the direction was nothing more than adequate, offering no real personal inspiration. The problems inherent within the film, stem from its writing.

The film simply sacrifices all to entertain through visuals. I have said it before, and I will defiantly say it again; ‘Man Of Steel’ is another stylistic film, lacking in all substance. The narrative is predictable, clichéd, and unimaginative, choosing to keep true to the same routes the previous ‘Superman’ films took. In addition, the dialogue throughout the film is wooden, theatrical and unrealistic, something that actually clashed with the darker, more realistic element they tried to introduce.

‘Man Of Steel’ moves at a quick pace, conforms to the basic stereotypical Hollywood narrative model, and blinds you with modern, stunning visual effects. If you insist on going to see it however, buy 3D tickets, and melt into the seat under explosions and collapsing buildings, as that is about all it has to offer!


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