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Guardians Of The Galaxy – Review


Release Date: 1st August 2014
Director: James Gunn
Writer: James Gunn
Cast: Chris Pratt - Vin Diesel - Bradley Cooper - Zoe Saldana - Dave Bautista - Lee Pace



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Posted August 13, 2014 by

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Guardians Of The Galaxy Review:

That rag tag bunch of characters has been done. It’s old school. Not what Marvel think with their latest outing into the Marvel Universe with Guardians of The Galaxy.

Come on! Starlord man” ushers the lead Chris Pratt as we move into the first scene. No this ain’t your usual Marvel film with its superheroes trying to do the ‘good’ thing and save the day. This time round we’ve been thrown into a space adventure and along for the ride through the cosmos is renegades, thieves, Assassins, murders, a tree? In stride through the Guardians in a somewhat Reservoir Dogs esquire moment with Drax The Destroyer (Dave Battista) a mad man wanting revenge for his family. Gamora (Zoe Saldana) an assassin who’s been trained and punished in the art. Now a raccoon and a tree. Yeah Rocket (Bradley Cooper) and Groot (Vin Diesel) [possibly the two best characters] one of which is a bad talking yet tech savvy raccoon and the other a tree which says three words “I am Groot” and finally the man with a plan Star Lord a thief who wanders the galaxy aimlessly with his ‘Awesome Mix Vol 1‘ cassette tape playing all sorts of 70s and 80s classics. Doesn’t look like much does it? Well there the Guardians of the Galaxy!

Into the film and Marvel seem to have outdone themselves. Remember everyone calling Captain America: The Winter Solider the best film in the franchise to date? Well that best step aside! Guardians of The Galaxy has what a lot of the other Marvel films aren’t necessarily lacking much of but just don’t have as much as this which is heart. There’s a lot of relation we could all have with this team which is not being good enough. They’re all ex cons and just don’t fit in the universe until they all find this bound and join together to escape prison and thus we have our team. From first glance they don’t look anything like superheroes (a raised point often said by many characters in the film) and there far from it which instantly makes them sort of special. You’re rooting for the underdog.

By themselves they ain’t much but when together we have the smarts, we have the strategy, we have the arsenal and we have the brawn! But put aside the obvious and you’ve got a bunch of already hilarious characters, a script which is perfect and a hilarious amount of jokes as the characters bounce from each others personalities and also don’t forget the perfect matching soundtrack. Rocket just clashes with everyone whilst Drax forms a joke by accident from everything he says as Rocket once puts it “his people are too literal he doesn’t understand metaphors.” Groot joins in with his dim witted sense and to only three words which only Rocket can make any understanding from. Starlord holds his own with always wanting recognition for being a huge criminal and always has something to say. Gamora fits in much like all the others with their none existent knowledge of Starlords planet as he calls Rocket a raccoon who replies “what’s a raccoon?

The story is basic with the team on accident meeting in a prison, escaping then all going after the same thing but with different goals in the end. Throw in a joke or two every 5 minutes along with plenty of brilliant action scenes including space fights, it’s everything you could ever want. The hilarity of the film doesn’t get too old either. It all just flows. We get an understanding of these characters, there backgrounds and cultures and they all just bounce off each other in a very nicely timed two hours. As for the action, well, space fights have already been mentioned and Drax kicking people sending them into another cosmos is just scrapping what you have in store for this. It’s epic in scale with what I thought a very Avengers feel to it as they all work together. The visuals are wonderful  as always from Groot himself to a beautiful scene where he shoots little yellow blossom lights as to light a space craft. All the space scenes feel very real and not comic bookie for that matter. The spacecraft’s are a bit bland except Starlord’s which seems plucked from the 80’s. Director James Gunn has seriously out done himself and Marvel this time round!

I could possibly ramble on about Guardians of Th