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Goodbye World – Review

Goodbye World Review
Goodbye World Review
Goodbye World Review


Release Date: 4th April 2013
Director: Denis Hennelly
Writer: Denis Hennelly - Sarah Adina Smith
Cast: Adrian Grenier - Scott Mescudi - Mckenna Grace



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Posted September 19, 2014 by

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Goodbye World Review:

Imagine that was it. The end of the world. It’s hard to really reflect for ourselves on what we’d do in that situation with so many post-apocalyptic films being battered around the cinema screens all at one time. Well here comes in Goodbye World which for me it takes another take on the overused setting.

Goodbye World is an American post-apocalyptic film about a group of friends all gathering at a their friends James and Lilly’s home which resides in the hills away from the rest of the world or what he deems ‘off of the grid.’ It is here that the film takes place on this large family estate where all their friends one by one arrive. From here it’s more of how they all get on together, each with their sketchy pasts, relationships and friendships but all also wanting their own thing and safety. The premise of the film is about this group. How they stick together and get along managing to somehow put their differences aside. It is here where it’s originality lies. Not being tormented by it’s usual crazy end of the world drama, people on TV wreaking havoc nor is there any real threat that comes forward. It is humanity and how we probably would react to a situation like this.

The film, directed by Denis Hennelly, stars the likes of Adrian Grenier (Entourage), Ben McKenzie (The OC, Southland), Kerry Bishe (Scrubs) and Scott Mescudi. All not massive stars but hey this film ain’t a huge film but it does bring together some good talent and let them shine on a film which can stand it’s ground and make a point.

It’s a character driven film. We are viewing this group and how they are coping and working together. They have their arguments, their dislikes about each other but they also have their friendship which in retrospect manages to hold the group together. It’s a defining point that perhaps this is what the post-apocalyptic films are missing, friendship and feeling which Goodbye World manages to pull together.

If your sick of the usual genre mixing films then give Goodbye World a try. It’s an enjoyable basic film with a unique idea to it.


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