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Get Hard – Review


Release Date: 27 March 2015 [USA]
Director: Etan Cohen
Writer: Jay Martel - Ian Roberts - Etan Cohen [Screenplay] - Adam McKay - Jay Martel - Ian Roberts [Story]
Cast: Will Ferrell - Kevin Hart - Alison Brie - Craig T. Nelson - Edwina Findley Dickerson - T.I.



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Get Hard Review:

In Etan Cohen’s latest feature, the current kings of comedy, Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart team up in this hilarious and entertaining feature where Ferrell, who takes on the role of the stereotypical wealthy businessman, and Hart, who plays a struggling car wash manager, cross paths in a tangled web of lies and scams which ultimately result in Darnell (Kevin Hart) training and getting James (Will Ferrell) ready for life in prison.

This film has everything you expect from a Will Ferrell favourite; crazy moments, risqué racist jokes, surprising cameo roles and a sarcastic yet sentimental ending.

Before I saw this film, I worried that the repeated approach Ferrell’s take may have made it very predictable and tiresome to watch, disappointing me much like The Campaign did in 2012 did, which was personally terrible. However, this was not the fact! Having kept fairly low-key since his second instalment of the Anchorman franchise in 2013, bringing back the Ferrell madness, accompanied with Kevin Hart, who is personally one of the most likeable and relatable comedians since Eddie Murphy, gave us a breath of comical fresh air which I think has been missing from the cinema for some time.

All I can say about this film is that it will have you laughing and cringing throughout, coming aqay feeling very satisfied and appreciating the two leads even more. In fact, get yourselves warmed up for this film by checking out their lip sync battle on the Jimmy Fallon show online now (Link below).

Lip Sync Battle (01/02/2015) –

Recommendation: Great watch with the guys. Great date night watch (although the couple next to us may not have agreed on that one!). Overall a fun and crazy watch for all!

iMdb rates: 6.3

Real-time Write-ups rates: 6.5


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