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Frozen – Review

Frozen Review
Frozen Review
Frozen Review


Release Date: 6th December 2013
Director: Chris Buck - Jennifer Lee
Writer: Jennifer Lee [Screenplay] - Hans Christian Andersen [Story "The Snow Queen"] - Chris Buck - Jennifer Lee - Shane Morris [Story]
Cast: Kristen Bell - Josh Gad - Idina Menzel



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Posted December 28, 2013 by

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Frozen Review:

Having just returned from a week’s holiday at Disneyland Paris, I thought I’d see what all the fuss surrounding Disney’s latest princess tale, Frozen was all about. I’ve never really been one for the classic princess movies. I couldn’t stomach all the pink and pretty dresses as a child, much preferring the likes of The Lion King or Aladdin. Now, being aunty to my princess-obsessed niece, I’ve had a chance to revisit the classic tales of true love, enchanted slumbers and wicked witches and…I’m still not impressed. Though perhaps my cynicism and age are behind my failure to be enamoured with these magical stories, I just find them to be rather..samey. Perhaps the princes and settings will change, but what each film usually boils down to is a cunning villain, a love song and a beautiful bridal dress. So what makes Frozen so special? Two princesses? Surely just a ploy to sell double the dolls, I thought. As it turns out there is so much more to this latest venture, the film offering up an array of unconventional twists and turns, characters and a refreshingly brilliant soundtrack to boot!

Directed by Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee, Frozen is loosely adapted from the classic Danish fairy tale, The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Andersen. Whilst difficult to summarise without entering spoiler territory, in a nutshell the story is this: having been isolated from big sister Elsa at a young age, Princess Anna is desperate to make amends and celebrate her sibling slash stranger’s coronation. However all goes awry, the sudden influx of social interaction causing Elsa to flee the kingdom into the mountains, leaving Anna reliant on rugged woodsman Kristoff’s help to find her sister and uncover the dangerous secret that has kept them apart throughout their childhood…

With a talented voice cast including Kristen Bell as the energetic Princess Anna, Alan Tudyk voicing one shape-throwing duke and Josh Gad providing comic relief via Olaf, a heat-craving snowman, such diverse characters really inject new life into the tired Disney Princess dynamic. But the one thing that made me sit up and pay attention the most was the fantastic soundtrack accompaniment. When it was announced that Disney had hired the happily married song writing duo Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez, the masterminds behind the musical numbers for naughty but nice Broadway shows Avenue Q and The Book of Mormon, no one was sure what to expect. The result is a number of truly magical songs, ones that parents won’t mind having on repeat on long car journeys. Encapsulating all the sentiment and heart every Disney musical number needs, the duo also inject an instantly loveable catchiness and wit to their lyrics which are guaranteed to get audiences singing along. What with Beyoncé’s new album having already been toppled by the soundtrack for Frozen, Disney have certainly sniffed out some fantastic talent in Lopez and Anderson-Lopez – their involvement in future Disney features seems promising!

Twisting the past Disney stereotypes involving true love and damsels in distress, Frozen really is a blast of fresh icy air. Just when we thought that the Princess dynamic had run its dainty course, Disney’s success with Tangled and now Frozen has secured the classic subgenre’s place amongst our DVD collections, and we can only expect more to come. Whereas before I may have moaned and rewound the Jungle Book VHS, now I’m feeling hopeful for the future of Disney. For if the studios continue their increasing experimentalism and expanding of the boundaries set by the classics, then the Disney Princess genre is sure to continue to succeed in pulling in audiences, both young and old, whilst presenting a magical and most importantly, innovative, fairy tale ending with every sitting. Now, who wants to build a snowman?


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Becca Spackman
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