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Eddie The Eagle – Review


Release Date: 28 March 2016
Director: Dexter Fletcher
Writer: Sean Macaulay - Simon Kelton [Screenplay] - Simon Kelton [Story]
Cast: Taron Egerton - Hugh Jackman - Tom Costello

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Eddie The Eagle Review:

Determined from a young age, Eddie Edwards has the dream of competing in the Winter Olympics. His father constantly undermines him, and teammates never accept him, but Eddie insists on travelling to across the world to pursue his aspiration. With drunken former champion Bronson Peary by his side, he strives to make sure nothing stands in his way to ensure he is part of the team and furthermore, Great Britain’s first-ever Olympic ski jumper.

Based on true-life events, Taron Egerton leads the protagonist role of Eddie Edwards, a spectacular individual that likely possesses the biggest spirit and determination of any other character seen on our screen. After viewing, and being with him through his entire endeavor since he first discovered his true calling at the young age of ten, we become entirely captivated by his absolute sincerity and charm. We witness his achievements and rise to fame, along with his downfalls and complications, and can’t help but sympathise and connect with his loveable characteristics and endearing approach to his situations. He’s such a strong character that brings hope and a sense of purpose to the audience that is undeniably admirable.

With its appealing 1980’s impression, the feature is wonderfully constructed. Our protagonist conquers against all odds just to achieve his own personal best, to show that personal achievements are the most important. This beautifully reflects what has been established alongside the Olympics for years. The tale deserves abundant amounts of recognition and praise, not just because it does mark a place in sporting history but also because its an account of one man accomplishing what seemed impossible in eyes of bystanders. An example being his own father who attempts to denounce his strong willed confidence, yet even this constant interference fails to ever knock Eddie.

It manages to sustain comedic elements that delight and amuse over and over again, supported by a cast of interesting characters that doesn’t disappoint. Although this may seem to occasionally come across as daft at times, the entertainment factor overrides and allows this to succeed as an engaging and pleasing piece. It just aims to show a pitiful and helpless individual that possesses a lack of sporting talent, then rise to distinction through a mixture of conventional training montages and motivational speeches (or even discouraging speech in this case). This was all achieved in a flawless and satisfying manner. Director Dexter Fletcher does indeed expose masses amount of sunshine-like attitudes in Eddie The Eagle, particularly when Eddie’s persona is evaluated, this is then balanced with a multitude of obstacles that he just can’t seem to escape from. It proves to be a constant battle for our loveable protagonist, yet still sustains an enjoyable and rewarding journey.

As it is based from true-life story of Eddie Edwards, we can come to realise that some parts would be overly accentuated and certain fragments are created to make a more fictional piece of cinema. One point that may be addressed is the problems Eddie confronted as a child. We see him faltered initially due to his troublesome knee, yet this is never properly confronted and explained. Overall though, the film works exceedingly well, producing a heart-warming and thoroughly entertaining picture that leaves audiences laughing, crying and grinning from ear to ear. Crowd-pleasing and highly motivating, it’s more than just a sport documentary; it’s a enthralling journey of self-discovery.


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