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Bastille Day – Review


Release Date: 22 April 2016
Director: James Watkins
Writer: Andrew Baldwin - James Watkins [Screenplay]
Cast: Idris Elba - Richard Madden - Kelly Reilly

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Bastille Day Review:

Bastille Day’, directed by James Watkins, is an action film following the story of Sean Briar (played by Idris Elba) a former CIA agent and Michael Mason (played by Richard Madden) a thief, who must investigate a bomb that went off in Paris.

To start with the action shown in the film is average to what we expect from this type of film. But I will say that there wasn’t as much action in the film for an action film. This was used so that we as an audience could focus on the story of the film.

The story of the film was the main focus. The story used was a typical storyline for this type of film. I felt like the story was similar to a Die hard film, just slower and less violent. It is nice for an action film to try and focus on the storyline instead of mindless violence and explosions with barely any plot.

I did feel like this film was more than just an action film. During the film there were a few jokes put in. this added a comedy side of the film as we see the relationship between Sean Briar and Michael Mason.

Idris Elba and Richard Madden did a good job of acting as their characters. Idris Elba proved that he can play tough, hard-core, action hero. Also Richard Madden did a good job as acting as a thief as his character seemed believable. Together both of them made a good team.

I will say though in the rooftop chase scene it was tense but it did look a bit clumsy. I can understand Michael Mason too be clumsy while running. I did not expect to see Sean Briar falling over and not looking like a professional action hero. This might have been done as a realistic vision of what it would look like if some tough guys did do chase scenes on the roof. I still liked the scene it was just different to what I expect from the type of film and the type of character Idris Elba was playing.

In conclusion the film has good acting, good plot and good action. Bastille Day maybe more focused on the plot, but the action was still really good. From good roof top chases to tense shoot outs. The directing was good, and the camera shots were good. The film in the end was a good film and a typical action film.


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