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About Time – Review

About Time Review
About Time Review
About Time Review


Release Date: 8th November 2013
Director: Richard Curtis
Writer: Richard Curtis
Cast: Domhnall Gleeson - Rachel McAdams - Bill Nighy - Lydia Wilson



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Posted October 5, 2014 by

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About Time  Review:

It’s not often we get a typical romance comedy driven drama with a twist and not a normal twist at that. Instead About Time features Domhnall Gleeson playing Tim, who one day discovers he has the ability to travel in time but only a time and place he has already been to so forget the crazy and wacky adventures. Instead what About Time offers is a beautiful film starting off as romance and twisting itself into a butterfly effect story and then into an emotional drama.

At first Tim uses his new found ability which isn’t displayed as something amazing, he closes himself in a dark cupboard and can travel in time by thinking very hard, to help with his love life. He meets with Mary (Rachel McAdams) and through Tim’s too and fourth through time, the two fall in love. The story transitions from this beautiful romance into a typical time traveling butterfly effect story with Tim constantly traveling back to fix any mistakes and problems in his life however he soon realises what’s the point. It’s an interesting take as usually the time travel story is the re-do your life over and over until you realise you can’t change what’s meant to happen however Tim realises this quickly only fixing minor things. It’s as if he has a super power we’d all like to have for typical everyday use as he uses it in one comedic moment to stop his young child from ruining some paperwork but it’s these little moments which make you feel so connected.

Each individual moment Tim changes something makes you realise how important the initial theme is which is family. Yes family and the time you spend with them is what makes this film so important as Tim is so well connected with his parents and sister mainly his father played by Bill Nighy. This leads into the more drama and emotional side of the story later on as the two are so well connected they travel back together at their own little individual moments. Yes, family and the idea of memories, constantly reliving the good and in Tim’s case even the bad still just to keep everything fresh for himself is something everyone dreams to have.

Don’t be mistaken by About Time and it seeming to be a typical romance film because it’s in the opposite direction. Yes there’s the romance but there’s plenty of comedy from both Gleeson’s and Nighy’s acting as they too and fourth each other with jokes but there’s also a lot of heart, a lot of family and a lot of love going into this story.


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