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A Tale of Two Sisters – Review


Release Date: 13 August 2004 (UK)
Director: Jee-woon Kim
Writer: Jee-woon Kim
Cast: Kap-su Kim - Jung-ah Yum - Su-jeong Lim

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A Tale of Two Sisters Review:

I love South Korean cinema, so what better way to provide my first review with FilmDebate than to go for the highest grossing K-Horror film – A Tale of Two Sisters.

TRIGGER WARNING – Blood/Mild Gore/Emotional Abuse.

The acting first of all… is quite astonishing, especially Su-jeong Lim who plays leading character – Soo-mi Bae, a girl returning home after time spent in a mental health institute. Along with her younger sister, Soo-yeon Bae (Geun-young Moon), the pair are met by the stepmother who they have a hatred towards, and you can see why. Other amazing acting originates solely from actress Jung-ah Sim playing said stepmother… she is one crazy lady. Su-jeong Lim and Jung-ah Sim ultimately take over the film, the pair bouncing off each other is flawless.

Anyway you’ll find like with more South Korean horror films, as well as other horrors from Asia, that there’s obviously a little girl ghost wondering around, but this one starts her period when visiting Soo-mi Bae in the middle of the night. And low and behold the next morning all three females in the house wake up to have their periods synced up… the creepiness gets worse from there. The female ghost haunts the three females in the house, the father who has seemed to ruin the sisters’ lives in some way just stands around and watches all three ladies hate each other violently. The ghost appears to another female relative visiting… so the concept of the house being haunted isn’t just within stepmother and daughters minds. It’s just that dear old dad just doesn’t understand what’s going on. Or so it appears…

If you’re thinking that you’ve heard of such a storyline before, The Uninvited unwelcomely is the American remake of such a great film. With the actress who plays Violet in A Series of Unfortunate Events – Emily Browning, I barely remember the first 30 minutes I watched of it illegally online in Year 9 I.T. class. So, I can tell I won’t be getting around to watching it for ages. After A Tale of Two Sisters scaring me out of sleep for about two nights in a row, I shall be looking more into K-Horror just to torture myself for the foreseeable future.

With a twist right at the end which will keep you guessing, and I’m not kidding, it really took me off-guard, you will love the ending. I say that with a sense that this twist would make you sigh and go home feeling cheated, if you were to see it done in an English speaking film. I shan’t give spoilers of course about what the twist contains, even though I’ve probably spoilt the film for many just by stating the fact that there is a twist. Well get over it, and prepare to watch this charming, yet insanely dark and twisted story based on an ancient Korean proverb… that makes it even worse I think.

It promises a scare beyond what you expect. Director Jee-woon Kim is much underrated in my book, having also directed K-Horror (I use that loosely) I Saw the Devil, which is actually one of my top ten favourite films of all time. His backlog of work bizarrely contains The Last Stand… yeah the Arnie film… that one with Johnny Knoxville in it!!!!!! Someone help out here?? (Even though I actually really do like that film).

Do not watch in the dark or near a wardrobe… or with your stepmother…


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