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Debate – What Is The Greatest Horror Franchise?


Posted May 7, 2017 by

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What Is The Greatest Horror Franchise?

Horror is one of the oldest genres in film, over the decades we have seen the genre expand into many sub-genres and categories. With it has naturally come hundreds of horror franchises – some that have stood the test of time, some that remain through loyal fan bases and some that are resurrected in this new remake-heavy cinematic universe.

So we ask a big question – what is the greatest horror franchise? Get involved and have your say, scroll down for some stats, videos and links!

Get Involved – Vote Here & Tell Us Why In The Comments!

We have kicked things off with the obvious suggestions. Vote for your favourite – if it’s not on the list, submit your suggestion through ‘other’ or by leaving a comment and we will add it! Feel free to vote multiple times…



Highest Grossing Horror Franchises:

Highest Grossing Horror Films:


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Finally, Some Videos…

Top 10 Iconic Horror Movie Moments:

Top 10 Classic Horror Scenes Countdown:

Top 10 Horror Movie Jump Scares:

The Evolution Of Horror Films:

Top 10 Horror Movie Opening Scenes:


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    I chose Evil Dead based on the heart behind this franchise. It didn’t make the kinds of dough that the bigger names did but at the center of it is a dream. Kids from Michigan working their asses off to accomplish something.
    Well, it paid off. Kudos to Raimi, Tapert, & Campbell because 30 plus years later they are working & still relevant. Ash vs Evil Dead is going strong & we are waiting for season 3. Enough said.

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