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Debate – Skyfall Vs Spectre


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Skyfall Vs Spectre

Which film is better, Skyfall or Spectre? This question seems to be the source of a furiously raging debate among my peers, as well as the whole world. Everyone seems to know which film they think is better. But not me, I’m undecided to which I prefer, they both have things I like and dislike, Skyfall has the better villain, in my opinion, but Spectre seems to have better action. Why people feel the need to compare these two films to one another and not compare them to the rest of the Bond films is beyond me. The Bond films in general lack plot twists and surprises, and nowadays they lack gadgets as well, which is unforgivable, it’s Bond, he needs gadgets! Spectre recently made a low key attempt to bring back gadgets, with a watch and a car, at least they gave us that much. Although Spectre’s main car chase was not exactly Bullitt standard, far from it, which disappointed me immensely. There had been a wide array of online rumours circulating on how Spectre’s budget had spiralled wildly out of control, and as I left the cinema I asked myself, where did all that money go? My point being that those kinds of rumours, and speculative story’s spreading virally around the web do not help films in anyway, as I ended up feeling there was something missing from Spectre, a part of me expected more, or maybe something a bit more dynamic. It occurs to me that this debate will only last until the next Bond film arrives, before it evolves into comparing that film with Spectre and Skyfall.

At the time of writing this article we still do not know whether Daniel Craig will return to the role, which is immensely frustrating. Why can’t the man make a decision? This very indecisiveness has given way to another debate along the lines of, will he? Won’t he? And yet again everyone seems to think they know the answer, for example a friend of mine is certain he won’t return. Upon what is this assumption based, who knows? Although I think Spectre’s ending and Craig’s indecisiveness may have swayed them towards thinking Craig was a goner, I am also undecided on this issue. That said I don’t think he’s the best bond ever, and a fresh face would certainly be interesting. But who else could do it convincingly? Yet another cause for a never ending furious debate. Who will be the next Bond?! The list of possibilities is awkwardly short, and limited in its choice. Meaning this issue also leaves me undecided, but not my peers, there all assured of their opinions as usual, one of whom is hell bent on the role going to Tom Hiddleston. Who I feel would struggle to be a commanding presence as Bond, his villainous qualities have already been recognised, so perhaps he should be a Bond villain instead. One thing that I can say for certain is that Skyfall marked the 50th anniversary of the bond franchise, and at the time of writing this article remains the only Bond film to crack a billion at the world wide box office. No doubt thanks to its peaked interest, also a great song by Adele, who is far more popular than Sam Smith, although they both won the Oscars for best song. Since Spectre has not made quite as much money as Skyfall, yet, Craig might feel the need to quit while he’s ahead.

If you would like to join this furiously never ending debate then please feel free to let me know which film is better and more importantly, why? And if you think you know who should be the next bond then tell me who in the comments below.


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    I believe that Skyfall is better but I liked them both very much, I’m a massive Bond fan so I’ll like pretty much everything they make providing they don’t change anything dramatically. Spectre was very blocky in its narrative, one set piece at a time which was a bit off putting and Mr Hinx should have a much bigger role fighting Bond more than once and surviving their last encounter. I just want Bond to go off on a classic globe trotting adventure, he’s gone rogue too many times in the Craig series which I don’t mind as long as it doesn’t happen every film and it’s too personal to Bond as well which it shouldn’t be, at least not every film. Skyfall and Spectre were very good both of them and they’re nearly as good as each other, but in my opinion they don’t come close to Daniel Craig’s first Bond film Casino Royale.

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