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Debate – Movie News: Wealth or Glut?


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Movie News: Wealth or Glut?

Movie fanatics of pre-internet and pre-television times had a lot less to go on. Movie magazines are as old as the movie industry itself and must have been the prime source of news for the bulk of the 20th century. Now, we have movie magazine websites, IMDB, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and a plethora of channels and blogs too long to list. Movie loving peoples across the world have never been more informed but is this a good or a bad thing?

Marvel showed with their Phase 3 timeline that they have movies planned as far as Summer 2019. DC then joined the trend and announced their slate of movies which runs as far as 2020. Now, was this really necessary? There is nothing wrong with Marvel and DC developing future movies but should they have released so much of their schedule to the public?

In Marvel’s case, we have an upcoming Thor movie (Thor: Ragnarok) and then both parts of Avengers: Infinity War which we can assume Thor will be present in. With DC, we have Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice followed by both parts of the Justice League. How can an audience fear for a character’s future when their future is guaranteed by upcoming movies? Couldn’t Marvel and DC drip feed the news to the public? Surely that would keep people guessing more.

One problem which was very clear in Avengers: Age of Ultron was that at times the plot wandered waaaaay off course, especially the Thor sub-plot which looks to be establishing the upcoming Ragnarok. This is a cold way to make movies. How can an installment shine in its own right when it is preoccupied with filling in a to-do list for already confirmed sequels?

Another similar point is news regarding contracts signed by actors, directors and other movie crew members. We know that Tom Hardy is attached to three more Mad Max movies. We know that a fourth Star Trek movie is in the works when shooting has only begun on the third. We know that the Terminator franchise’s producers are intending to make a new trilogy starting with Genisys (they perhaps spoke a little too soon). Should everyone’s cards be face up on the table?

I can remember as a kid being in the movie theatre and shuddering with excitement over all the trailers I saw. At that time, that was the only way I found out what was coming to cinemas. Trailers used to feel so huge! Now we are teased over teaser trailers which tease the full trailer and all of it is accessible on the phones in our pockets. To complain about this is incredibly ungrateful but I can’t help but sorely miss that child-like excitement back at the cinema, back when I knew very little. Scripts can be leaked over the internet, directors Tweet and post pictures on Instagram and if there’s trouble of any kind on a set you can be sure it will wind up on some entertainment news channel.

So, to cap off this pessimistic little piece, do we have a wealth or a glut of information? Should announcements be handled in a more disciplined manner? Should we all just set fire to our computers and usher in the next Stone Age?!


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