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Debate – Marvel Vs DC – Part Two


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Marvel Vs DC – Part Two

In the last few days, the Superhero debate has reared its ugly head once again as the trailer for DC’s ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ was released as the build-up began for the release of ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’. Yet again these comic super powers are pitted against each other and, yet again, movie-going audiences are encouraged to debate which will be better. So, who is coming out on top so far?

To start with, it should probably be noted that the actual release dates of these movies are just under a year apart, so in theory there will be no competition in that sense. However, of course by the time ‘Batman v Superman’ has arrived (March 2016), people will be comparing opening weekend figures and box office takings, but it is far more likely to be directly compared with the third Captain America offering which is set to come out a few weeks later. This current debate is purely based on the trailers and the preamble. Nothing more.

Focusing on ‘Batman v Superman’ first, this movie has a lot uncertainty and speculation circling it. Will it be better than ‘Man of Steel’? Will Ben Affleck be as good a Batman as Christian Bale? How will they introduce Wonder Woman? How the hell is Batman even supposed to compete with Superman? For me this is the biggest question of them all. The plot of a superhero movie is key and, so far, the general consensus seems to be that pitting Batman against Superman is just ridiculous. In terms of the powers each of them have (or don’t have in Batman’s case), there’s no plausible way in which Batman could compete with Superman without the use of Kryptonite, and that plot line has been done to death in the various Superman films and TV shows that have come before. Obviously this movie is a prequel to the eventual creation of the Justice League and the two superheroes working together, but it seems a very odd way to start the franchise.

Secondly, there is the issue of Ben Affleck. Having watched the trailer, I have to say I am somewhat underwhelmed by what I have seen so far. The costume looks pretty bland, the small amount of plot line hinted for Batman seems uninteresting, and Affleck himself doesn’t seem to quite pull it off. Somehow, his dark and brooding face seems to look almost bored. There’s no doubt that after Christian Bale’s Batman. Ben Affleck has a lot to live up to and, based on the trailer, he doesn’t seem even close. In terms of casting, there is also the debate about whether Jesse Eisenberg will make a good Lex Luthor, but that’s for another time.

To move on to Avengers, this almost has the opposite problem. There is so much expectation placed on this movie that it will be one hell of a challenge for it to equal its predecessor, let alone better it. Marvel can settle back a bit in the knowledge that the heroes they have are already popular fan favourites in their own right, and the actors have been well received by the audiences. It also has an incredibly popular prequel, unlike ‘Batman v Superman’ with ‘Man of Steel’ being met with mixed reviews. The pressure is to deliver something even better, and the trailer suggests that they may have actually managed it. While the plot is still vague, what has been shown in the trailers and clips released has shown it is more complex and darker than ‘The Avengers’ and builds on the success of all of the franchise’s movies across the board. Ultron seems a worthy enemy for the group, although whether he will become as popular as Tom Hiddleston’s Loki is yet to be seen. For me, the main query surrounding Age of Ultron is focused on Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch, although mainly Quicksilver. Evan Peters was so good as Quicksilver in ‘X-men’, that I’m not convinced Aaron Taylor-Johnson will be better. There are only hints of his version so far so it is difficult to judge on face value, but I hope the finished product is better than what has been shown so far.

To sum up, Marvel has everything to lose and DC has everything to gain pitting these two head to head. For me, I am far more excited about ‘Avengers’ that I am ‘Dawn of Justice’. The style and approach to the Marvel films just seems more in line with how comic books are meant to be in my opinion. One thing is guaranteed though, they will both be hits, no matter what.


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