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Debate – Marvel Vs DC – Part Three


Posted March 22, 2016 by

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Marvel Vs DC – Part Three

Whose side are you on, Marvel or DC? Or do you like both? Because that’s cool too.

Yes it’s time for another furiously raging debate, the sad thing is, this debate may well define the current pop culture status of our modern day society. The box office is not big enough for the both of them. The battle is almost literal, as Marvel and DC, unable to fight each other on screen, have each whipped up movies about their two biggest stars fighting on screen! This is all a bit childish and silly, a third competitor would bring much needed relieve to this madness, but unfortunately, all the worlds money seems linked to either one or the other, so that will never happen.

Marvel have established a clear lead, with an ever evolving and adapting long term game plan, they currently dominate. DC are up against the ropes, having to get drastic, their jumping straight into a messy team situation without any pre-established basics for it, big risk! With the exception of Henry Cavil’s Man of Steel from 2013, infamous for its large amounts of property destruction and neck snapping violence, thanks to 300 director Zack Snyder. It highlights a critical Marvel weak spot. Marvel is owned by Disney, which means all there films are aimed at 12 year olds, yes by far the biggest audience, but also a content limiting force to be reckoned with. DC has the opportunity to aim a little more mature, in good way of course. But will they? Nah, probably not, wouldn’t want to loose the colossal audience of kids, whom their no doubt expecting to save them and get them back in the game.

Marvel’s head coach, super producer Kevin Feige, seems worried about potential box office clashes, he can take some delight in the fact that DC have no head coach, they seem to be relying on Zack Snyder to oversee the game plan, much more so now, as Christopher Nolan is getting the hell out of dodge since Batman V Superman is completed. To be fair, most of Marvels best directors have abandoned ship, and paddled away in the last life raft, citing creative differences. But rumours are rife that Kevin Feige is a dictator, who threw his directors overboard to fend for themselves in the harsh real world, Edgar Wright was a terrible loss for Marvel. Even worse though, Joss Whedon’s gone as well! There once all star team of distinctive directors reduced to one lone Gunn, James Gunn, his galaxy guardian Franchise uniquely placed within the Marvel Universe but also far enough away from it, giving him a creative edge that Feige can’t stamp on.

DC have yet to trap themselves with such issues, instead they’ve trapped themselves with other issues, like separating their TV and movie universes, leading to two of the same characters appearing at the same time. Comparisons have already been made between their two Barry Allen Flashes, surely this is not productive. At least Marvel TV shows are in sync with there movies, even if that means their low key stories and characters don’t really matter in the grand scheme of things. Maybe they’ll pop up in the films at some point. Marvel seem to think the more the merrier, with hundreds of characters lined up for Infinity war, its set to be a colourful costume jungle, the one that everyone is waiting for, so much so many wish they’d get the to point already. But when they do, what happens next? Are they going to just reboot everything? Their stars aren’t getting any younger, they can’t play these roles forever. I give the older one’s 2 or 3 film’s at the most before there knees give out and have to be replaced by CGI, then what?

I imagine they’ll figure something out, after all we’re on our third Spiderman, the differences between them, negligible. We definitely don’t need another origin story, not for any characters really. Origin stories have become predictable, they seem to all follow a similar narrative structure, I think even casual audiences have figured it out by now. Yet it’s a pitfall that haunts both Marvel and DC, despite Marvel saying they’ll be no more. We can believe little of what they say as they don’t even have the screen rights to all there characters, Sony, Fox, and even Universal are potentially hogging some of their best. However the craziness that would ensue if Marvel had them all would be pure insanity. As of 2017 Marvel are upping their yearly film slate to 3 films per year, continuing their theme of spot lighting obscure characters.

I suppose in the end it’s not about Marvel or DC, it’s about which super hero character is your favourite, the joy of this Marvel DC battle is that at some point they’ll all turn up, maybe even get there own film, possibly leading to a franchise, as long as your not there only fan that is. You may even discover new hero’s you never knew existed and fall in love with them, there must be a super hero for everyone by now, just because there’s so many of them.


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    DC are doing something different, people want the films to be more light hearted but that’ll just draw more comparisons to Marvel. I like the idea of team up movies coming first, everyone knows who these characters are so you don’t need to put much emphasis on their origins. I was a fan of Batman v Superman but there were some things that I didn’t agree with.


      Not everyone know who these characters are. How there past have been spent. What moments in their lives took them to this point. I was totally clueless about what wobderwoman was doing in BVS. But after her solo movie, I got to know that she is here for centuries. She has fought wars. She has lost people.

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