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Debate – Harry Potter & The Broken Franchise?


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Harry Potter & The Broken Franchise?

I should start this off by saying I am a huge Harry Potter fan. I am of that generation that grew up with the books and movies, I have been to the studio tour and I have followed the franchise from beginning to end. However, I had secretly hoped that the final movie would be the last. The final chapter of an almost perfect movie series depicting the books that meant so much to me during my teenage years. I had hoped that the studios had got it right, and would leave the franchise alone once it had reached its end…but, of course, I was wrong.

Only 4 years after the release of the final movie, the world is once again in the midst of Pottermania. Eddie Redmayne has joined the pack as the lead in ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’, a pre-Potter tale of Newt Scamander and the monsters and creatures of the wizarding world. It was also only a few weeks ago when the country seemed to go mad as tickets for ‘Harry Potter and the Cursed Child’ went on sale, selling out in just a few hours. Both new stories of the world, one a historical tale of a wizard and his adventures, the other a flash-forward to Harry’s children and their lives. While I deeply hope that these will both be huge successes and make the story and the world even greater, my fear is that the franchise curse may be about to set in.

There are very few franchises that I can think of that have stopped at exactly the right moment. ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ is still somehow going, ‘Transformers’ has roughly 3 more films than it ever needed, and another actor will soon be bitten by a radioactive spider to retell exactly the same story all over again. Even the classics like ‘Star Wars’, ‘Indiana Jones’ and ‘Batman’ have had their stumbles. Studio greed comes before the story and characters, and then the franchise is ruined. Add in a Jar Jar Binks, and its pretty much done.

The redeeming factor with these new additions is that neither will be explicitly linked to the original story. As far as I’m aware, very few of the actors from the Potter movies are set to appear in either of the new projects, allowing for certain amount of freedom when it comes to what can be done. Also, JK Rowling’s involvement should ensure that at least the stories are decent, and stay somewhat truthful to the original world.

While my scepticism at this point may be slightly unfounded (after all, it is still early days) I just hope that this won’t be a step too far. That JK Rowling’s inability to let go of the world will produce some great cinematic experiences, as opposed to a dragged out series that eventually grows into a joke. Does ‘Harry Potter’ really need more? There are 8 movies already after all.


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