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Debate – Are Trailers Ruining Movies?


Posted May 4, 2016 by

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Are Trailers Ruining Movies?

It seems like in our day and age of movies and film watching, what started out as simple advertising has grown into a huge business of its own. A simple way to advertise movies to a general audience, to 3 minute trailers showing half the movie, 6 trailers for the same movie showing slightly different angles, TV spots, teaser trailers FOR a trailer. But what’s the point?

Now, as I like to point out to anyone who will listen, I do not watch trailers, at all. I think they’re pointless. As someone who watches every film available at the cinema anyway, I don’t need to be advertised to. But also I despise spoilers. When you catch a movie on Netflix, or on the TV at home, do you watch a trailer first? No, you just see what happens. And I feel like we’re losing the magic of cinema by overexposure to trailers, and the need to see every single second of dialogue from The Joker.

I’m not saying trailers should become a thing of the past either, like I said, we do have a need for them. General audiences need to be sold a product; you can’t do that without advertising. But there’s a difference between that, and basically showing each plot point from a film, in the trailer, to the point where you don’t even need to watch it at all.

Here’s an example. Do you remember the advertising campaign for ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ (2012), or, in fact, any Sony blockbuster from the last 5 years? So many trailers and TV spots were released for the newest remake to the Spider-Man mythos, that one fellow on the internet, took every moment of footage, and edited it together. Do you know how long that footage was? 20 minutes long. Of course Sony got their legal team to take this down as quickly as possible, but it didn’t stop the damage that had already been done. We had already seen a fifth of the film, months before its release.

Of course, some film campaigns do it brilliantly. The recent ‘Deadpool’ (2016) for instance. Now I didn’t watch any of the trailers or marketing before the film, but after seeing what they did with the marketing and small videos; ‘Australia Day’ etc., did they even need the trailers? The marketing alone would’ve sold me, as it would for many others. Add in the fake Valentine’s Day posters, and you would’ve had just as many people seeing the film as you would’ve done.

I just don’t think any of us need the amount of trailers thrown in our faces today, and trust me; they’re not as unavoidable as you think. Hopefully this debate will make a lot more people scroll through Facebook and Twitter a lot faster, and stand outside the cinema screens to wait for the trailers to be over, just like me.

But hey, that’s just my opinion right?


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    There seems to be a trend nowadays for showing the entire film in the trailer. I just don’t get it. It doesn’t make me want to see the film as I feel like I’ve seen it. A good trailer will give you just enough to tease you and get you interested!

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