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You have been hypnotised. It happened as you sat in that chair. You remember nothing of before but are now acutely aware of reading these words. You know you are about to be quizzed but you are quietly confident of the answers; you feel refreshed, your hair seems thicker. Glory be.

Today you will be questioned about film scripts or, more correctly, “screenplays”: a collection of 120-odd pages that begin the process of film production. Below here are excerpts from the scripts of 10 well-known feature films. They range from those released in the 1940s to the present day and the list includes live action films and animation.

Can you tell us the titles? Pretend lollipops for those who manage to find answers to them all. And remember: you feel refreshed…you are confident…hair is thicker…three, two, one, *click*!


We predict this movie will be shown again on television within the next three months (if it isn’t, something is very wrong with the polar ice). There really is no tiring of this stunning 1946 movie and if we find ourselves tiring of the messages contained within it we have tired of life. This section of scene description is found at the end of a film that has already awoken every possible human emotion.


A black, black comedy about a bigoted, hedonist deconstructed self-made man who, by the way, is played by an actor who seems to be typecast as such in other titles. Perhaps this is because of his cheeky and vaguely smarmy smile. Released in 2013, it was the director’s highest grossing movie of his career. Clear the mind, clear the mind…you know what it is. This nugget is found on page four of the screenplay.


More than a little heart-wrenching, this historical drama gives us the very best cause to be grateful for a homeland swaddled in peace and unity. We will wake the next morning after seeing this 1993 film a little more conscious of ourselves and others. Brave actions under an oppressive state bring the constant threat of hideous reprisals. How do you think that went?


This millennium film debuted at the Sundance Film Festival and was a few months later distributed to theatres. It is another black comedy about a materialistic business tycoon but has at its core multiple murders, a misguided confession and a stray cat. This nugget is to be found at the start of the film when it seems – for a moment or two – that we are heading off in good faith.


With the win-win trope of the Almighty Janitor and a high-ranking cast this 1997 film was a big hit. It is about a young man facing up to past mistakes and trying to look to a “brighter” future. He is helped and hindered along the way most notably by a brilliant late actor who sees part of his own youth in the young man. Talking, thinking and texting are pretty much impossible for the next two hours.


Released in 1942 this animation is still very close to our hearts. Longevity is assured by the film’s tendency to reach us on an intensely personal level both in its theme of Coming of Age and the way it meanders touchingly around loss. Generally speaking, it is more than just an animation; it whispers something to us about, well, the Bigger Picture.


This 1982 film is about Badass Adorable meeting Ugly Cute. It made stunning use of Chekhov’s Skill to produce what is considered one of the most memorable memes in movie history, or ever. As PG films go the movie gave audiences little thrills now and then and a whole new lease of life to Reeses Pieces. Oh, and it also came with one spectacular Hollywood kiss.


A comedy drama it may be classed as but a belly-laugh romp this film certainly isn’t. It was an act of desperation of the main character which added conflict to a hitherto common yet unpleasant aspect of modern family life. The happy ending of this 1998 film was harried by the creeping notions that a) one of the characters was about to die and b) life goes on. Now pass the brandy. Please.


The third instalment of a popular franchise, this one came out in 2010. The editor of the first two films wrote the plot which some have opined had similarities with the plight of the Jewish population of Europe during the Second World War. But let’s not read between the lines today. This film is, however, a surprisingly good example of how not to treat those you love.


Do you like Gothic horror? Does watching extreme blood-letting and luxuriating in sexual and romantic imagery make you feel wired? Twilight-flooded, bare-breasted and heart-poundy scenes are in abundance in this film. Watching it you will feel a power surge to your lethargic backside courtesy of an unseen boot. Oh, and we’ve neglected to tell you the year of its release. Whoops!


1 – It’s a Wonderful Life, 1946
2 – The Wolf of Wall Street, 2013
3 – Schindler’s List, 1993
4 – American Psycho, 2000
5 – Good Will Hunting, 1997
6 – Bambi, 1942
7 – E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial, 1982
8 – Stepmom, 1998
9 – Toy Story 3, 2010
10 – Dracula, 1992


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