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Monthly Digest – Short Films From – July 2016


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Short Films From

ShortsOnTap is an award-winning London-based short film screening platform for both up & coming and established film-makers to showcase their work, exchange ideas and receive feedback:

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I present you with our fifth monthly digest from Shorts On Tap…


Back To The Land

I spent my early childhood on the island of Eigg, a small, ruggedly beautiful spot, set between the Outer Hebrides and Scotland’s mountainous west coast. It’s the sort of place that lends itself to flights of imagination. History and folklore sit cheek by jowl and, in the untamed landscape, it’s easy to picture the arrival of Vikings in longboats, clansmen clashing broadswords or even mermaids seducing foolish suitors to a watery death….

The Short Film:


Yellow – Trailer:


The Fly

A getaway driver waiting outside a bank robbery has three nerve shredding minutes to get through before his crew returns. All he has to do is focus…

The Short Film:



Mary (Jeff Kristian) is a divorced middle-aged mother living in a small English town. One weekend she receives the visit of her closet-emerging son Oscar. How will Mary make sense of her son’s coming out and the small-town mentality that surrounds her?

Blending high-drama theatrics with black comedy, OUT is a coming out story unlike any other you have seen before.



Short Love Story

Love is big, life is short, we are small – A lifelong love story seen from the prospective of a 1 inch tall couple. An unusual look on the small (and infinitely large) things of which life is made.

The Short Film:



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