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Article – Films I Would Like To See Made


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Films I Would Like To See Made

The film climate recently has bustling with different movies of all natures. There is an abundance of Superheroes running around in latex, there are independent touching movies, Kickstarter campaigns and then the tried and tested action, romance and comedy formulas. For a film lover, you can feast your eyes, emotions and tastes every goddamn week on the ever changing industry.

Recently, on my own site Cookie N Screen ( I talked about some films that I want (nay, need!) to be made. But I am not entirely satisfied and once you kick start these ideas, you get an avalanche of them. Just like the worst kind of people; instead of writing them, I am going to sit here loudly proclaiming that I want these movies, please!

The Twits

Roald Dahl books have been the staple of popular culture for as long as he has written them. With so many movie translations of The Witches, Matilda and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Everyone’s favourite childhood writer universally panned a lot of them but they keep churning out adaptations of his work. One that should have been done already is The Twits. Centred on an ugly and awful couple who abuse their animals in their extravagant menagerie, The Twits has a lot of moral backbone and excellent characters. And as much as people would be pained to hear, would work really well in the hands of Tim Burton, translating the abhorrent Twits to the big screen.


If you haven’t already been worn down by Comedy Central and E4 re-runs of the sitcom phenomenon that is Friends, than you’ll still fondly look back on the series with a nostalgic twinkle in your eye. Actually, even if you have been belligerently watching seasons one to nine, you’ll still miss the comedy hijinks that ended on such a high. It’s been now ten years since Monica, Chandler, Joey, Phoebe, Ross and Rachel were in something new. With all the children grown up, different forks in the road and a lot of us eager to see how they have changed; we are all desperate for a Friends movie.

Wonder Woman

So, I really want a Black Widow film. That is inevitable, that is something that should happen and hopefully will (we’re all clamouring for a Budapest film.) But another heroine that should be translated to the big screen is Wonder Woman. Yes, it pulls into question the usual feminist garb but it is a very real and resounding one. How come all the female superheroes are bit players? The only ventures into it seem to be Catwoman and Elecktra which were done so badly. Not only would a Wonder Woman film make sense pending her appearance in Batman vs Superman, but she has an incredible Amazonian background and story that would be great to explore.

Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart

Both of these guys should be high on your list of idols. Running equally hilarious news satire shows and being best of friends Colbert and Stewart are not only funny, but are insightful too. So imagine if the pair teamed up for an epic documentary, uncovering the bullshit agendas of American political parties, confronting the people they satire and show up the politicians. Imagine them on a road-trip across America spreading support for homosexual marriage and feminist policies and Colbert regularly divulging Lord of the Rings trivia and cosplay. Give it to me, now!

Kill Bill 3

Ok. So Quentin Tarantino’s kick ass two part story may not have been everyone’s favourite. Still swamped with a protagonist like The Bride, some brilliant brutal fight scenes and hilarious quips; Kill Bill 1 & 2 is a great action packed film (despite it’s subpar villain showdown.) We were nearly promised volume three this year, Tarantino teased us with it but the project has gone wayward. But again, it’s a decade later, and Veronica Green’s daughter, Nikki, has all grown up after witnessing the death of her mother on behalf of The Bride. And she was invited for revenge. Who else is grown up? B.B, the daughter or Kiddo (The Bride.) Now that is one showdown we’d all pay good money to see!


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