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Cannes Film Festival 2018 – Day 7 & 8 – Highlights


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Day 7 & 8 – Highlights

It took a lot of deliberation and discussion for the Festival De Cannes to consider allowing the avant-garde Lars Von Trier back on the Croisette, after the Nazi comments he made at a press conference for Melancholia, almost ten years ago. And seems like the time had come, and even the most prestigious film event in the world can forgive. Almost. Might’ve been the lack of great content reaching the festival this year, the fact that it would generate a great buzz, or just the ability to grant second chances, but The House That Jack Built made the final cut, be it out of competition.

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After his vigorous journey in the life of a nymphomaniac, the danish director sucks us again into his psychedelic world, this time following a serial killer, whose gruesome character builds a collection of corpses in an abandoned freezer warehouse, each of them carrying a story that could only speak within the frame of Von Trier’s twisted and provocative surrealism. Told in five chapters of Jack’s life, the film is a bold criticism to gun holding policy in the US, with clear references including the red baseball caps that the killer and his victims wear in one of the scenes, funnily resembling Trump’s ‘Make America great again’ campaign promo attire. But Von Trier does not stop at that. He uses footage from his own previous films and references to nazism, in what looks like an attempt to seek atonement and start anew. The film did not receive a slot for a press conference, unlike most films in the official selection, and Von Trier didn’t speak to the press, for obvious reasons.  

It was reported that hundreds left the official screening the night before, although at the press screening the film was greeted with rather positive remarks from the press, despite that it is definitely not Trier’s greatest creation to date.

Wim Wenders attended the premiere of his new documentary Pope Francis: A man of his word, focusing on the life and achievements of the current pontiff.

Solo: A star wars story was one of the highlights of the festival’s second week. Ron Howard’s newest galactic adventure received its world premiere on the Red Carpet in Cannes with full cast in attendance, just before its opening in theatres worldwide. The film opens in the UK on May 24.  

David Robert Mitchell, following the success of his 2014 horror It follows, returned to Cannes, this time in Competition, with Under the Silver Lake, a goofy and hilarious Hollywood crime story for a young man who falls in love with his neighbour, hours before she disappears. As he becomes obsessed with the investigation, an entire new world is revealed before his eyes – conspiracy theories, urban myths, celebrities and the untouchable, wealthy Hollywood scene take him for a spin. Under the Silver Lake sets off to an ambitious start, reminding recent crime dramas like Cosmopolis or even Maps to the stars, but soon turns monotonous and ends up being a vain Hollywood experience.

Day 7 & 8 - Highlights 

The fourth annual Animation Day in Cannes was held on the 16th May with a market screenings for animation professionals at the Palais Des Festival the day before. Guests of the Animation Day presentations and discoveries were Sally Griffith, head of Chapter and Film Hub Wales who spoke about the new Anim18 initiative in the UK, celebrating British Animation across the UK throughout 2018. The crew of the Semaine De La Critique animated feature Chris the Swiss spoke about the 7 year long process and struggles of creating the film with the collaboration of four countries, among which is Croatia, currently rejecting any association with the film due to its reference to the political conflicts in the former Yugoslavic Republic. A ‘best of fests’ award was given to the film festival phenomenon Loving Vincent, while a special award was also presented to the classic Yellow Submarine, which celebrates its 50th anniversary this summer with a special release in US and UK.

The American Pavilion’s programme included its annual emerging filmmakers showcase, where short film directors attended to present their projects. Scottish documentary filmmaker Mark Cousins discussed with producer Jonathan Chinn the present and future of documentary filmmaking and the challenges it is forced to overcome on day to day basis. On May 15th, the Pavilion held its annual Queer Party, the most inclusive event of the festival, open to all attendees.


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