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Cannes Film Festival 2018 – Day 4 & 5 – Highlights


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Day 4 & 5 – Highlights

First half of the festival has passed and the weekend was full of highlight moments for this year’s 71st edition. Starting from Cate Blanchett who gathered all her female friends and colleagues, 82 to be exact, and posed for a red carpet photo to mark the changes taking place toward gender equality at a festival that has been men dominated for the majority of its life, with only 82 women directors selected in competition, as opposed to 1688 men, in the festival history. No more.

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Many women directors, some even unexpectedly, have landed in this year’s competition, with films that include Eva Husson’s Girls of the sun and festival veteran Alice Rohrwacher with Lazzaro Felice (Happy as Lazzaro).

Girls of the sun premiered on Friday night, a turbulent, women dominated war drama about a French journalist who travels to Kurdistan and joins a group of women riots through the hardships of their journey for survival, when around them there’s nothing but decay. Husson brings forward a significant message, exposing the cruelty that women face in the region every day being murdered, raped, kidnapped, kept hostages and sold, while being forced to watch their husbands and children die. Despite the strong images in Husson’s realistic approach and almost docu-drama style, the first part of the film ends up being a long melodrama, where the heroines deliver desperate attempts to outcry each other and steal the attention, with their personal stories cast a shadow on the greater cause.

Cannes 2018 highlights 

Alice Rohrwacher, on the other side, chooses to follow her artistic instinct and manifests in her new rhetorical study of modern life, this time with a much fuller, condensed and fully-rounded story taking place few decades back in the Italian countryside. Lazzaro, a young teenage boy, lives in a remote small village and is everyone’s boy next door – working day and night to help his family and friends. They all serve the ‘greater good’ with hard labor, so absorbed in their own surreal microcosm to deal with the outside world. Enslaved by the Marchesa (Nikoletta Braschi), they are kept isolated, with no access to education or the urban society, which seems hostile, distant and even scary for their sparse imagination. A clever interpretation of Plato’s cave allegory, Lazzaro Felice is a metaphorical criticism on contemporary social models where everyone is a prisoner of their own world, their own existence.

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At the press conference for the film, Alice Rohrwacher spoke about it as a return to the age of innocence and about the bucolic element, still very prominent in many parts of the Italian countryside.

One of the most talked about films of the past days is Girl by Belgian Lucas Dhont. The story of a transgender girl who aspires to become a ballet dancer is one of the best projects coming from a first time filmmaker at this year’s festival, also an important mark for queer cinema and the outreach it has to the general public and the younger generations. Girl also competes for the queer palm award, along with other films in official selection with focus on LGBT topics.

Girl poster Cannes 2018

Continuing their annual presence in Cannes, IEFTA: The International Emerging Film Talent Association hosted an event to support the UNHCR the UN Refugee Agency, celebrating young talent who stand #WithRefugees. The American Pavilion added another film panel to their busy Cannes schedule, inviting Mads Mikkelsen to talk about Arctic, a survival thriller in the Midnight Screenings Section.

The Colombian Film Centre closed the weekend with great original beats and dance music performed by a Colombian band, adding another dimension to a festival that celebrates multi-cultural connections more than ever before.


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