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Article – Why Shorts Are Great!


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Why Shorts Are Great!

At the beginning of this year, I set off on an cinematic adventure into lands I had yet undiscovered. Often dismissed and rarely visited, I chose to walk this path that, as I do, has somewhat drawn more attention to my critical craft. I am, indeed, talking about Short Film, an art form that many filmmakers undertake them promptly forget about when they start doing features. Well, enough. Because it is 2014 and I believe the state of the short is taking a stellar turn into something lucrative and powerful; something that many could chose to invest in. And I’m about to take you on a very short journey into the medium.

There was never a rise into prominence either. In fact, short films were historically the first moving pictures are teeny tiny eyes ever saw. Without possessing equipment and technology to expand the stories into the bum numbing epics that they are now, movies were crafted to tell stories in minutes. Extending to different genres, from animation to now stellar cult classics (Un Chein Andalou being a prime example of it). It’s only now that films have diluted our popular culture that we are willing to spend £20 on a three hour romp through Middle Earth forgetting that short films exist that, when impeccably done, exude this exuberance story that you can swallow in slight bites.

It doesn’t just have a large history too. Many big names are flocking to the medium including directors and actors who have a massive portfolio behind them. Alan Rickman appeared in the delectable Dust, Benedict Cumberbatch appeared in Little Favour and both Martin Freeman and Tom Hollander appeared in The Voorman Problem. So if you want to slip into short films with incredible casts, they have the plethora. But shorts always come from passion, created by upstarting filmmakers who, burning with talent, have thrown themselves into making cinema. It is courageous. It is inspiring.

I am not the only one who believes that shorts are on the rise. There is a bounty of websites with critics and filmmakers coming together to promote teeny tiny films. We Are Colony ( is an online platform with the best shorts from the UK. Short of the Week ( is possibly the most prominent, with highly intellectual staff and a readership enthralled by the display of short films. Match sites like Cinema Chords ( and I’m With Geek (where you will find me, hello,) are starting to convey their love for short film by promotion, seeking out the ingenuity of riding directors. And there are plenty of film events nationwide that collate the best short films – Shorts on Tap is a free weekly event that focus on a theme that the shorts adhere to. Also more able is the London Short Film festival, entering it’s (find out) year. Not to mention nearly every film festival has a section of enticing shorts. The point being, if you look around you, short film is everywhere.

Cinema is like a drug, if used well, and short film, if done well, is small doses that give you that same high. People are becoming aware of the art form, no longer confined to University rooms and showcases. Shorts are divine and are on the rise. Make sure you are ahead of the curve.


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