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Article – Why Mystique Is The Best Mutant


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Why Mystique Is The Best Mutant

Oh dear, you just read that title and immediately screamed “but she’s the bad guy!” And true, the blue skinned, scarlet haired mutant has made several appearences fighting back against the Xavier regime. Often sided with Magneto, she has been the cause of many many deaths and with the exception of First Class, is downright cold hearted and fearless. Mystique may be fighting the bad fight, to later get it stripped away from her, but she is one of the best mutants in the X-Men series. Don’t believe me, just sit right down and listen.

First of all, here is the lowdown. According to the X-Men Universe as it stands (in the movies so put those comics down before tearing me a new one.) Mystique is Raven Darkholme, a young woman who has no home mentioned (I said, in the films.) She stumbles upon the home of Charles Xavier, a young mutant who accepts her. During the events of First Class, her trust in Xaviers promotion of harmony between humans and mutants wavers. In later films (during the timeline) she fights for a cause where totalitarianism over those boring creatures, homo-sapiens. Her ability is to morph into anyone, ever.

Let’s get down to why, in the cinematic universe, she is one of the best mutants out there, if just a little bit naïve. From her beginnings Mystique has always cared about the acceptance of mutants in the human society. This may come from a selfish place, after all her blue exterior and scales don’t exactly scream prom queen. However, the minute she learns about other mutants, she is not only willing to accept them straight away, she actively seeks their own approval. When she connects with Beast, it comes from a loving place for him to accept his inner self. While this is spurred by Magneto, who sees her beauty, she carries the totem throughout.

Forgetting about this for a moment and Mystique has one of the best mutant powers. She can transform into anyone. Anyone. Do you know how easy life would be with that power? Imagine being able to look thinner, or look like your favourite celebrity? There would be at least one day why I’d prance around as Benedict Cumberbatch. And that face deal could get you in anywhere. Red carpet events, bank vaults and they even address the president saying “well, she could technically be you.” It would be incredible, a new look a day and yet still look hotter than 73% of the population as a blue creature with scales. What an amazing power to have! Not to mention, she barely ages so she looks youthful for a very long time.

Even if she is the villain, using her as a sidekick in the original series was vehemently wrong. Mystique has the richest back story as well as producing some well-known characters in the series. She actively risks her life for Magneto and she is utterly dogmatic in her beliefs. And though her convictions may lead to the downfall in Days of Future Past (no spoilers there, you know that in the first five minutes,) her brain and heart align for some pretty solid reasons. Played by Rebecca Romjin and Jennifer Lawrence respectively, she is an enigmatic anti-hero and possible the best damn mutant in the series.


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