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Article – What’s Next For Christopher Nolan?


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What’s Next For Christopher Nolan?

This month we saw the very anticipated Interstellar as Christopher Nolan returned with another mind bending, reality breaking film. After countless films which just seem to nail movie goers to their cinema seats as every film gets more and more anticipation from the world itself, it asks the curious question of what’s next for Christopher Nolan? Let’s delve into Interstellar a bit first.

So this year we saw the release of his latest feature Interstellar which follows Matthew McConaugh as a NASA pilot turned corn farmer in light of the extinction of the human race. McConaugh in the film travels through a wormhole to distant planets in search of a habital planet for the human race but as it’s a Nolan film many twists and turns are to be expected including a mind boggling story which layers on the metaphors of the idea of love transcending time and space itself.

So Interstellar is Nolan’s biggest and most interesting film yet as so little was actually known about it even after trailers and teasers a like. It’s Nolan. It has his stamp on it. It just begs the question where to next? Where could he go from here? He’s done the Sci Fi with Interstellar traveling the cosmos of space (something I never thought I’d see from Nolan) and he’s gone down the twist and turns of the dream world in Inception. He’s gone through memory with Memento and even magicians with The Prestige. He’s even gone down the superhero route with The Dark Knight trilogy. He’s a master of the arts and knows what to do. How to create a world even one of which is already created (such as The Dark Knight trilogy) His exploration into the dream world and the works on memory loss are two unique projects themselves for which need so much detail and research but he’s nailed them and done it justice creating two very fine pieces of film which both make us question our very realities. Even with Interstellar, a film which delves into humanity, really makes you question our actual existence.

The Dark Knight trilogy was something totally different for Nolan. Having previously worked on thrillers mainly the route of the superhero genre wasn’t quite to be expected but he tackled it. With one of the hardest comic book characters transitioning that into film (due to how much Batman film material is already out there) can clearly tell he’s a director who does his research, takes time with a character and can very much create a world itself. That trilogy has now defined a new generation of superhero films, throwing out the campy spandex and brining in the dark, gritty world where yes people do die and consequences occur.

Inception was a film which really rallied the Nolan fan Base. Nolan said himself it was his dream project and already working on The Dark Knight trilogy for Warner Bros. He was given the money to make the film. He created an entire world for the characters and layers upon dream world’s inhabiting that as well with a folding Paris and revolving corridors but which really pushed Nolan’s limits and making him a filmmaker to remember was his little use of CGI, instead opting for created sets including the revolving corridor.

It isn’t just his huge films which define him, it’s his unique storytelling structure seen in Following, Memento and The Prestige where we witness flawed characters seeking their own means all revolving around different aspects like Memento and it’s use of memory. It’s the stories he creates and allows the audience to bare witness to which proves his aspect and integrity of a filmmaker.

However it still all comes down to what’s next? What huge project could he do next to blow his last out of the water? Well to be honest I think that’s it for Nolan. I don’t mean that’s it as in he’s ran his course and he won’t do anymore films. Or that he’ll even retire because I think he’s no where near that. I think instead the route he’ll lead himself down it back to his raw originality. I think his next film will be that of the indie aspect again similar to Memento. Nolan’s first feature was a 70 odd minute piece he strapped together himself, titled Following. It focused on a man who was a writer and followed individuals to gain inspiration. It’s this form of gritty filmmaking Nolan might go back to having created such dramatic universes thus far.

After many years creating such wondrous films, filmmakers usually put a foot slightly on the brake as to ease down on the work. I feel Nolan’s very much coming to this point (not that the man hasn’t got many more years of filmmaking left in him.) I do think he’ll go for something more lower toned which will as always make us think but not so much as be in a huge scape of things. Or perhaps he’ll transition to TV for a time which many have done and many more filmmakers are now doing just for a change in atmosphere as the difference between film and TV is actually huge. All that we know thus far though is he’s not retiring (thank god) so lets just sit back, stick on our favourite Nolan film (don’t ask me to chose though, please!) and wait for what’s to come from the mind of Christopher Nolan!


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