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Article – Top Five Ultimate ‘Badasss’ Female Led Films


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Top Five Ultimate ‘Badasss’ Female Led Films

There’s no two ways around it, if you’re not into women growing and sticking it to their oppressors… then maybe rethink reading further (as well as your morals… just saying). So here’s a few of my top favourite films which include strong female characters.

 Top Five Ultimate ‘Badasss’ Female Led Films

TRIGGER WARNING – Murder/Rape/Violence/Gore.

Kill Bill

Kill Bill

Well of course this would appear upon a compilation of great female orientated films. I recently re-watched Kill Bill and forgot just how hard-core Black Mamba was. It’s a hard situation to figure out whether or not Tarantino benefits female cinematic characters, however I think we can all agree that his female characters are by far the most interestingly written. Even though Kill Bill is not my favourite Tarantino film, it comes within a joint second place with Pulp Fiction, I went against all Tarantino fan boys when I was younger and decided that Death Proof was my all-time favourite, whoops! So why haven’t I included it in this list? I’m unsure, but it goes elsewhere than this list… Truthfully I didn’t want to give so much space here to Tarantino, he’s got two spots on the list!

Favourite scene – Beatrix stepping on the eye… obviously.

Sympathy for Lady Vengeance

Sympathy For Lady Vengeance

Not my favourite out of the Vengeance Trilogy, but I think it may be in second place. Oldboy is my all-time favourite film, even though I have a ‘rough’ top ten. But SFLV promises to entice any viewer, unless you have problems with subtitles. Park Chan-Wook is possibly my most favourite director of all time. In this crime drama/thriller you are taken through the steps of a wrongly imprisoned Korean woman for the kidnap and murder of a young boy, gaining revenge on the man truly responsible. Some parts could be considered slow, but we see a young woman rise from the slums of a prison where she is raped and abused by a fellow inmate… don’t worry that character gets their just desserts. Along the way, many people die, and in very inventive ways. I suppose it’s inevitable that Chan-Wook is compared to Tarantino so often. I know it sounds just like Kill Bill, but I have to say Sympathy for Lady Vengeance beats Kill Bill in many aspects.

Favourite scene – Parents of various lost children getting their share of vengeance.

Ghost World

Ghost World

Terry Zwiggoff I feel is underrated within the film industry, he has director few films but I feel that his works are all unique but share common themes of underdogs. The 2001 comedy is quaint and subtle, so do not expect belly laughs. Audiences are met with protagonist Enid Coleslaw (Thora Birch), who upon graduating high school with best friend Rebecca (Scarlet Johansson), searches to move in as soon as possible together. However a lacklustre Enid is sent back to school for Summer school for Art. She soon becomes bored with optimism within Rebecca, and strangely obsessed with an older man Seymour who she met by accident after the pair of friends decided to answer the geek’s ad for love in the newspaper. Poor Steve Buscemi seems to do little acting as the lonely 50+ man who becomes infatuated with Enid and her interest in his vinyl selection. If you like films about weird girls who dress odd and work hard at becoming outcasts, then Ghost World is the film for you, (along with the comic it’s based on).

Favourite Scene – Mostly any scene taken place in Enid’s room, because it’s everything I want in a room (organised clutter).

Serial Mom

Serial Mom

One of my ultimate enjoyable films comes in the wacky comedic stylings of John Water’s Serial Mom. Kathleen Turner portrays a simple suburban mother, with the perfect American Dream for her life. She has a loving family, and gets along with everyone… until they cross her. Beverly R. Sutphin doesn’t take kindly to teachers grading her son and daughter harshly, as well as neighbours who fail to recycle, so she kills them. A very funny and entertaining weird world is never hard enough for the Pope of Trash to create. Waters being another one of my top favourite directors directs Kathleen perfectly to the lunatic going on the run for petty yet creative murders. Trust me, if you’re in any way inclined to Waters’s films, then this is actually a tame presentation of a mad world.

Favourite Scene – All of the joining scenes which contribute to Beverly harassing one certain neighbour in the most hilarious way. (Plus the great feminist band – L7 cameo).

Jackie Brown

Jackie Brown

Finally upon the top five of my favourite ultimate female led films comes another Tarantino directing job. Jackie Brown herself is possibly the biggest bad-ass present on this list. She doesn’t kill anyone unlike most of the women within my top five, but she is just a care-free no nonsense taking type of gal. Pam Grier playing Jackie Brown was the best move by Tarantino, who originally had to deal with an all-white Jackie Brown character written in the book. The story of said protagonist beholds her run in with the law (a fresh faced Michael Keaton), as she jeopardises her Flight Attendant career when she is caught smuggling money. The film moves a tad bit slow within some places I’ll admit, but at the end of the feature you will be pleased with the results. Samuel Jackson also plays one of his most satisfying and entertaining roles next to Pulp Fiction. The reason why Jackie Brown makes the list is due to the fact that she plays the game her way. Jackie plays everyone around her in order to get away with her dignity intact.

Favourite Scene – Any part where Jackie and Max are together, they’re quite the cute couple…

My intention behind this post is that more films should include women of all walks of life taking the law into their hands, and sorting out their lives with and/or without violence to help. Aw, female solidarity…

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