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Top Five Favourite Scenes of Any Movie Ever

Oldboy – Corridor Fight

Ah Oldboy, my number one spot on favourite film of all time. I have such a soft spot for anything Park-Chan Wook produces, he comes before Quentin Tarantino, but maybe perhaps not before John Waters. The scene in question happens to occur after our protagonist – Dae-su Oh tracks down a link to the man who captured and held him prisoner for fifteen years, and hence forth to get info from the link… he pulls his teeth out one by one with some pliers. Dae-su Oh then has to fight off a very large group of men in cramped corridor. Park-Chan Wook shot the scene in one take, and good lord was it worth it.

This scene is basically a three minute tracking shot of just pure fight scene, but god damn is it cool. He even does half of it with a knife in the back in one take. Oldboy is a masterpiece of filmmaking, whereas Park-Chan Wook hasn’t released many new films lately, his Vengeance trilogy managed to push his way into the mainstream Hollywood market with the likes of Stoker. Plus Min-sik Choi is a largely underrated actor.

Hedwig & the Angry Inch – Wig in a Box

I went into a screening of Hedwig & the Angry Inch in a horrible mood, and came out somewhat lifted. I love this film, and this specific scene is probably the main reason why. The song Wig in a Box is my favourite out of all the others in this musical. It occurs after Hedwig is dumped by her husband for a man, (FYI: Hedwig had to get an undesired sex change in order to marry him legally). So, with an expectant protagonist ready to sing her power ballad, she in turn does the opposite and picks herself up, puts on her makeup, and her 8-track.

This scene is the ultimate thing to cheer you up, whether or not you are into Musicals. The lovely little breaking of the fourth wall always manages to make me feel as if I’m part of the community this film is aimed towards, and it’s always nice feeling involved isn’t it/ I suppose you could call Hedwig & the Angry Inch the modern-day Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Almost Famous – Tiny Dancer

Speaking of Musicals, there’s nothing I like more in a film or television show than a sudden random burst of singing and dancing for no good reason. I can see why people don’ enjoy the genre of Musicals, but what can I say – it’s my ‘guilty pleasure’ if anyone is going to judge others’ interests. So, Almost Famous being about a semi-fictional story of a real band from the late 1970s is right up my street. My favourite scene ultimately in Almost Famous is one where the whole band, protagonist – newly recruited Rolling Stone writer, and the group of Band Aids all begin singing Elton John’s Tiny Dancer.

I’m unsure exactly why I count this scene as being one of my top five favourites. I guess the fact that Kate Hudson does such a good job of performing such an unlikeable character, and yet still manages to end up making you like at the end. And any which way it’s nice to see Jason Lee in anything other than a Kevin Smith production, or indeed playing the voice of flying dog… and those Chipmunks…

Matilda – Little Bitty Pretty One

Number four could be narrowed down to just pure nostalgia. But a Matilda was one of my favourite films when growing up, along with a mixture of Air Bud and various old Friends episodes on VHS… the late 90s/early 00s were a time of my more simple tastes.

Let’s just say that the aesthetic of Matilda overall is just incredibly comforting, even Danny DeVito’s voice factors into a manner of reasons why I like this film so much. I love the fact that Matilda (albeit sometimes cringe-worthy) is a confident girl, who is loyal and very caring. But yet, I think we can all agree Pam Ferris steals the show every single time.

The Dark Knight – Hospital

The Dark Knight being the finest of my favourite Batman films gets into the top five just for his scene alone. The blowing up of a Gotham hospital by the Joker, this means we seen Heath Ledger (R.I.P) in a lovely nurse uniform and looking very happy with himself.

I think most people know by now that the ending of said scene had to be improvised, due to a malfunction on set. The last explosion was delayed so much that Heath skilfully improvises a funny take on the scene. When the explosion occurs seconds after Heath pressing the buttons many times, his reaction of jumping at it is real. Which I feel adds a lot more to the scene, most scenes in film s have been improved by improvisation, and I love it.


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