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Toby Kebbell

There was some cinematic news of this year that made me clasp my hands in pure delight. Finally, I have come around to the new reboot of Fantastic Four. That’s a big thing to say seeing as I don’t like reboots, remakes and will have had my fill of superhero movies by the end of this year, thank you. Beside, the first attempt at Fantastic Four was so bland that the only thing interesting about it was Chris “Human Torch” Evans who cannot possible reprise this role because some smart arse popped him in a patriotic suit and named him Captain America.

But as usual, I digress. This new version of Fantastic Four had me cringing on its first casting announcement mainly because imaging Billy Elliot as The Thing was another level of absurdity. Talking to my colleagues and ruminating on it some more, I’ve come to accept it more as shrewd and spot on casting based on the talent and versatility of the actors. Then they announced who they had cast as a villain. Considering that weeks prior I had ferociously discussed that this guy needs a franchise to hook into and ride on to star status, I practically cried with relief.

Because of all the actors, in all the world, that need a bigger platform and tonnes of acclaim showered on him, it’s Toby Kebbell.

Many people don’t know that name very well. After all, this Yorkshire born lad crops up from time to time and despite his enormous talent never makes the waves with audiences. It’s a dire shame especially when you think about his first notable film as Anthony in the incredible and dark thriller Dead Man’s Shoes. Shane Meadows movie about a man, Richard, returning to war to find a gang has bullied his younger brother, Anthony, who has learning difficulties was a tough cookie of a film made excellent by lead Paddy Considine. Beside him was Kebbell who tenderly portrayed a man with mental issues and a regressive mentality. Kebbell who convinced most of the population that he wasn’t just acting, because of his superb talent of acting.

Despite his stellar job in Dead Man Shoe’s it would take another few years for him to make the right amount of impact with drama Control. Scooping up the award for Best Supporting Actor and the British Independent Film Awards, Toby Kebbell managed to bring some humour to an otherwise tragic story. Control was a biopic on the later years of Joy Division frontman Ian Curtis (played astonishingly well by Sam Riley,) but it was Kebbell’s role as Rob Gretton that most remember, garnering him the statuettes and nominations he richly deserved.

So Kebbell has successfully conqoured the hearts of the British nation, especially appearing on television shows like Black Mirror and alongside other enormous talent James McAvoy in Macbeth. The natural step up for Kebbell and the mission is to break America and thus become a global superstar actor who can kick a few Cumberbatchs into gear (that’s a hard thing to say.) He has already had side roles in massive blockbusters such as Clash of the Titans and The Sorcerers Apprentice, evening having (sadly) a bit appearance in Ridley Scott’s The Counsellor. This means he is a blinking dot on peoples radars, this means he is getting heard.

So naturally, it means that his casting as Doctor Doom can spell incredible things for the Northern powerhouse. Not only will Kebbell get so much recognition that his career is completely solidified, but cinema fans will get a just actor to portray their villain. He will bring an intensity to the role that his terrifying, intriguing and altogether amazing. He will outstanding and mystify, leaving you quaking in your boots. Kebbell will be an impeccable Doctor Doom.

And thus continue his necessary ascent to the top of the world.


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