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Article – The Top 5 Films of 2016 So Far [January – March]


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The Top 5 Films of 2016 So Far [January – March]

Here we are ladies and gents, three months in to 2016 and it’s already been a fantastic start to the year of film. We’ve had some stinkers, and yet we’ve also had some outstanding films that have made us completely forget about the others. Which films will stand the test of time, I can’t say, but for now, these are the top 5 films, so far.

’10 Cloverfield Lane’ – Directed by Dan Trachtenberg


Did anybody expect this to happen? And honestly, upon reading the facts about how this was made, I’d be surprised if anyone did. I can’t honestly say this is one of the best films ever, but damn did I enjoy it for what it was. An extremely contained, extremely tense, and extremely brilliantly acted thriller/horror. It does have its problems though, which lie simply with the name. Why did it have this franchise slapped on it? The original script was for the same story, but just about 3 people surviving in a bunker. Which I would’ve loved to see. Don’t get me wrong though, none of it takes away from the brilliance of just how tense and uneasy every scene is. John Goodman and Mary Elizabeth Winstead give outstanding performances, Goodman oozing creepiness with every movement he makes. It’s just the last 10 minutes or so. You’re gonna love it or hate it. Having never watched the first film, it was interesting to get lore and back story from this sparingly; this is a film that definitely can stand on its own. But definitely makes me want to seek out the first. Tense, uneasy, creepy, and mesmerising performance, direction and atmosphere, make this a damn enjoyable experience. You’ll be gripping the edge of your seats.

‘The Boy’ – Directed by William Brent Bell


It’s not often that a horror film comes along, that is both equal measures creepy and fun, but this is it. A film that feels as if it is a throwback to the classic horror movies, both in theme, and in the twist. And quite frankly, it’s also not often that a film can have me thinking one thing for the whole plot, only to be shocked and pleasantly surprised when it is revealed to be something else. Notice how carefully I’m dancing around the subject? Well that’s simply because I don’t want to spoil anything. Add on an absolutely superb performance by the lovely Lauren Cohan, with creepy porcelain dolls and an overwhelming sense of unease from the get-go, and you have your film. Two horror films in the top 5, how often does that happen?

‘Eddie the Eagle’ – Directed by Dexter Fletcher


Whenever you hear the term ‘feel-good film’, I don’t think that is a term that many people take seriously. It usually means they’re light, fluffy films that you’ll most likely forget about in a few days. This however, is a feel-good film, and a pretty fantastic one to boot. But not only that, it’s a sports movie. An underdog movie. But above all, it’s the most British movie I’ve seen in a while. Because we love a good fuck-up. Remember Chico and Jedward from ‘The X Factor’? We loved them, because they were fucking awful. And there’s a self-awareness to it, where they knew they were awful, but were happy with what they’ve achieved. And that’s the story here, that perfectly sums up Cheltenham’s own Eddie Edwards. Played with glorious dedication, right down to the mannerisms, facial expressions and spirit of the guy, by Taron Egerton, and Hugh Jackman playing slightly-happier-Wolverine, it’s just an all around good time. And you will feel good.

‘Zootropolis’ – Directed by Byron Howard and Rich Moore


Or ‘Zootopia’, depending on where you are in the world, apparently due to some amusement park in Denmark owning such a trademark. Don’t quote me on that, that’s just what I’ve heard. In a way, I can see merits for both titles, ours makes more sense, since it’s set in an animal metropolis, but the other rolls off the tongue better… But I’m getting a bit off track here, aren’t I?

I’m a real sucker for when films have hidden messages or social commentary within. And I especially love when it’s a metaphor that needs to be shown. Here, is the biggest metaphor for racism I’ve ever seen in a movie. Predators and prey, living together in harmony. Or are they? Prey are considered weak, going for the intelligent or menial jobs, whereas predators are the managerial, dangerous roles. Our protagonist seeks to change that, becoming the first bunny, let alone prey, to become a cop. And teaming up with her natural predator, a wily fox, each with their own prejudices against each other, working to overcome and solve a crime. And apart from that, it’s just a fucking great noir film. Violence, danger. All wrapped up into a ‘kids’ film. Disney, you’ve done it again.

‘Deadpool’ – Directed by Tim Miller


Were you really surprised? One of the best, if not THE best, comic book movies ever put on to film, and you didn’t think it would be number 1? Shame on you, sir.

Deadpool is a character I have loved for a long time. Pretty much since I have heard about him, played his game, and read a few comics, I have wanted this. And man, did it not disappoint. Ryan Reynolds was born to play Deadpool. I know you’ve probably heard that a lot, and are sick of hearing it, but it’s just true. Fantastic supporting roles from Ed Skrein, TJ Miller, and Morena Baccarin. Outstanding, fun, witty, silly, and fucking awesome (all rolled into one) action sequences. Gags, jokes and one-liners that will have you rolling on the floor. One of the best opening title sequences I’ve ever seen. Romance, drama, humour, action. Honestly what more could you fucking want you greedy cunts? Oh, and did I mention the language? Not one for the faint of heart or mild mannered. But all out fun, and perfection.

So there we have it! And only three months in to the year – What will 2016 have in store for us next?

Honourable Mentions: ‘Pride and Prejudice and Zombies’ (Burr Steers, 2016), ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ (Zack Snyder, 2016), ‘The Witch’ (Robert Eggers, 2016), ‘Creed’ (Ryan Coogler, 2016), ‘Secret in Their Eyes’ (Billy Ray, 2016).

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