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Article – The Latest Trend In Movie Trailers


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The Latest Trend In Movie Trailers

San Diego’s Comic Con has been and gone and what a year it was for new movie trailers! However I couldn’t help but feel that there was something similar between one or two pieces of bootlegged imagery that wasn’t the hand held shaky cam.

Back in the day when you went to the cinema there was a 80% chance that the best part of your trip was going to be the trailers which they showed before the feature.

Remember kids; before the Internet this would be our first glimpse at an upcoming movie, shown at random. You couldn’t decide what you got, so when trailers for films such as Goldeneye, Batman Forever or Godzilla were beamed across the screen there was a general buzz in the room and I couldn’t wait to tell my friends after the showing that “Robins in this one!” or that “At the end you seeing a solider look at his giant eye!”

Nowadays people moan about the length of advertisement at the beginning, or worse they decide to tactically turn up twenty minutes late, which I personally find annoying as hell.

Ok, skipping the adverts that you find on TV, like a singing cat or Kevin Bacon pulling a shed around on a beach is ok but as soon as the future attractions start playing I wish people would sit down and shut up. It’s tradition!

Now, this article isn’t about a chubby geek reminiscing about the “glory days” of the old picture house. Hell no, I much prefer what we have now, the ability to see a three minute promotion as soon as its released and bitch about said promo on message boards with fellow sad fanboys via the magical view screen device in your pocket. It is a wonderful age to be a geek! I wouldn’t be sharing this article with the three people who actually read it if it wasn’t for the magical world of technology and wonder that we live in today.

No, this article is about the latest trend in movie trailers: depressing montages set to eerie songs.

Every now again a movie trailer will come along that will capture everyone’s eye and will then be ripped off by other blockbuster promos until the next trend comes along. For example in 2010 when we all had our minds blown by the Inception trailer every bit of reality bending imagery was complemented by a robotic horn sound. For a few years after not one glimpse of Transformer, Avenger, GI Joe or alien invasion was seen without a mighty THWAAAAAAAARMP!”

It’s hard to pin point where the eerie song montage phase began. Was it the Watchmen with its use of The Smashing Pumpkins? Or could it be Wraith Of The Titans with Marilyn Manson’s cover of Sweet Dreams? Or perhaps it was The Dark Knight Rises and the little boy who sings the American national anthem whilst the world around him turns to shit.

Maleficent seems to be the strongest catalyst. Lana Del Rey’s darkened cover of the Disney cover of Tchaikovsky’s Once Upon A Dream gave a twisted echo to childhood nostalgia. I had no interest at all in that film but as soon as that sizzle reel dropped my interest peaked.

Disney is not one to miss a trick. The House of Mouse used a similar technique to promote Avengers: Age Of Ultron, this time opting for a creepy Pinocchio rendition of There Are No Strings On Me to introduce the world to Marvels big bad. At this rate I am half expecting the next Star Wars trailer to feature Han Solo screaming in slow motion, cradling an unconscious Chewbacca whilst a striped down piano rendition of Under The Sea tingles in the audio.

So, on to Comic Con and the Suicide Squad footage. Unable to get their hands on Uncle Walt’s back catalogue Warner Brothers instead opted for a melancholy version of the Bee Gee’s classic I Started A Joke (An operatic female lone vocal cover, not the Bee Gee’s themselves. That would be ridiculous.)

I almost felt sorry for the X-Men: Apocalypse trailer. Although it followed the so far fool proof layout (their song of choice was The Hunted by Snow Ghosts), Suicide Squad’s final reveal of the all new Joker had far more oomph than their reveal of bald James Mcavoy.

I understand that these films have yet to complete principle photography, let alone have a soundtrack. These teasers are only supposed to be a little taste. I just wonder how many more trailers we are going to have in this style. I sure as hell hope Dr. Strange uses Bipity Bopity Boo.


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