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Article – The Joker – First Look Breakdown


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The Joker – First Look Breakdown

As Harley Quinn would say, jumping out of a cake packed with TNT, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY PUDDIN’!”

The Joker turns 75 and to celebrate Warner Brothers has released the first photo of Jared Leto’s take on the clown prince of crime from the upcoming Suicide Squad movie.

In quite a bizarre move, aside from a couple of teases, there was no real viral marketing campaign or big announcement. He just showed up out of nowhere and lets be honest, that is EXACTLY how the Joker would have liked it: A nice surprise, which causes much controversy.

Already social media is conflicted with emotions on the design so lets take a moment and breakdown this new look for Mr J…

The Pose

Number one is the pose. Although reports claimed that the bases for this incarnation is from Frank Millers “The Dark Knight Returns” what we have seen so far channels what some people call the greatest Joker story of all time, Alan Moore’s “Killing Joke.”

The Joker - First Look Breakdown

This is not the first image that takes inspiration from the ground-breaking comic. Check out our first tease from a couple of weeks ago.

Screen Shot 2015-04-26 at 20.56.52

A picture that totally emulates the front cover from said story…

the joker comic book

And that is fine by me. If you’re going to take inspiration from somewhere it might as well be from the tale that pretty much defined the villain we all love to hate and hate to love.

The Tattoos

One of the biggest complaints so far is the Jokers new love for ink. People say that they cannot see the madman sitting around for hours whilst someone draws intricate details on his pale skin. I disagree. What else is one with incredible ADHD supposed to do sat in a padded cell day in and day out? Also remember that this film takes place in a universe where the Joker has a girlfriend and I can totally see Harley as a Kat Von Dee style carnival lady rocker. This could be what they do during their bonding sessions, both intimate and painful.

Again this is not the first time we have seen the Joker with body artwork. Frank Miller implemented the idea in “All-Star Batman and Robin”

the joker in batman

Coincidentally in that comic Joker was also compare to a certain shock-rocker…

The “Teeth Grills”

“He looks like Marilyn Manson!” is another comment the Internet overlords have been shouting. I do agree, and seeing as how they cast a rock star in the role that could be what the studios are trying to go for. But the metal teeth also make perfect sense.

Remember this is a Joker that has been fighting Batman for over a decade and if you have ever read a Batman comic book pretty much every confrontation ends with the Dark Knight punching the creepy clowns teeth out.

the joker

So over there years and many dental surgeries later do you think he would settle for caps and dentures? Also what dentist in their right mind would ever sit so close to the biggest serial killer of all time?

The Joker would take this opportunity to add to his homicidal psycho look. Imagine that chilling grin emphasized with metal gnashers. Scary stuff.

At the end of the day most people seem to be upset that they didn’t go for the “classic” look. I believe this to be a good thing. Every incarnation needs to look different from the others in order to avoid comparison. Here is a picture of Anthony Misiano, a man many believe to be the greatest Joker cosplayer out there.

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 12.49.15

Whilst he has the look down to a tee, that portrayal does not scare or shock me. The only way that look can really work is in comic, animation or video game form where an over stylized atmosphere with exaggerated features such as bloodshot eyes and perfectly cast shadows can exist. Besides, we have already had a Joker that stepped straight from the pages of DC and he looked like this.

the joker batman tv series

Whilst I love Cesar Romero and honestly believe that Batman 66 gave the most accurate portrayals of all Batman villains (for the time anyway) that is not a Joker who would beat a child to death with a crowbar. That is not a man who would force a police commissioner to strip naked and stare at pictures of his recently crippled daughter. The guy in the first photo however, totally is.

If Heath Ledger taught is anything it is that the true essence of the character lies in the performance. So lets hold out until the movie, or at least the first trailer, to pass judgment.


Tim Buckler will return…

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