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Article – The Best Extra Moments


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The Best Extra Moments

Who on earth cares about the extras? Hell, even the extras don’t care about the extras. They are simply there to fill a void, show an accurate busy mall that some teenage heartthrob is pummelling down to proclaim his love. However, if you think about it, you’ll find that extras have a pretty difficult job. Not only do they have to be herded like cattle, but they have to look uninteresting yet realistic. They have to pretend to engage in conversation as though the filmmakers just plonked a bomb in an actual city to gage reactions. Once in a while, they have a throwaway line too that they have to say just as realistically as the goddam Oscar Winner they are randomly pushed opposite.

Extras, much like Ricky Gervais’ television show, have it hard. But sometimes, their antics on screen are so hilarious that we have to give the m

The Girl In Pink – Grease

This is a personal favourite of mine and honestly, every time I watch the shouldn’t-be-voted-number-one musical Grease, her eyes drag me over from the tightly fitted Olivia Newton John and coiffed prince John Travolta and I am transfixed. So it’s the finale and everything has come together just as long as Sandy changes her entire personality to fit the rambucous Danny’s ideals to save face in front of his leather clad mates. They all sing happily about it. None more than the girl in pink with black haired pigtails. Seriously, she starts off in the bottom right hand corner and is so rambunctious and gives it all her might that her glorious dancing talents are not to be missed.

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

Sat in a tightly packed room full of serious journalists and Alex Zane may seem like the wrong place to be laughing at a line about the 9/11 terror attacks but that is exactly what I did. Chris Pines blue-eyed reboot of the classic books by Tom Clancy may have fallen short of decent action fare but was held together by some super serious fun acting (and an impressive Keira Knightly American accent.) Anyway, the beginning you find out that Ryan is super smart, navigating one of London’s top universities. Then the planes crash into the Twin Towers. That in itself is a powerful image, full of heartbreak and more. Then this random guy shows up, turns to Ryan and says “you’re American, right? So sorry.” It’s so awkward and unnecessary that it can only induce fits of giggles and bewilderment.

Little boy ruins North by North West

They say never work with children or animals. I say, never work with Alfred Hitchcock because he was such a tyrant against his leading actresses that it is a wonder that none of this was brought up in the recent movie Hitchcock. Maybe his tirade against actresses such as Tippie Hendron and Eva Marie Saint would have stopped bloopers like this going through the cracks. So the whole slog of cinema is to repeat the scenes over and over again to get it right. Now, here is a massive spoiler that shouldn’t be ruined because you should all know this movie inside and out (because it is bloody brilliant,) Kendall shoots Thornhill. Except, that shocking moment is utterly ruined by the child in the diner who covers his ears moments before it happens; after being subjected to countless takes.

The overreaction in Jaws

This is the funniest thing you’ll ever witness in an animal thriller movie and it is a complete shame that it has to happen in one of the greatest movies of all time. Jaws is that movie that made you afraid of your washing up for fear of tiny sharks nibbling at your fingertips (at least one excuse you can use to get out of chores.) But this scene is one that will stick in your mind. After a series of vicious attacks, the towns folk finally dig their hands into a creature that they believe has been killing people in Amity. Only, when string him up and parade him around, they are confused as many mindless townsfolk are, exactly what kind of shark is it? When Richard Dreyfuss’s marine biologist Matt Hooper proclaims that it is a Tiger Shark, the reaction is so weird and over the top that it will leave you in stiches. “Waaaaaahhhhh?”

Petty crime police in Back To The Future II

The first thing you’ll spot about this brilliant extra moment is that the guy in question looks so much like Peewee Hermann that you expect him to start chortling with his guttural laugh. Plus, his line is so unneeded that it actually takes away from the plot at hand, especially as it is heating up. Marty has to get the Almanac off Biff in order to stop him gambling and become the rich ruler of the future. It’s tentative as not only has he got to avoid seeing other people of the past, but he has to avoid himself gallivanting the future. Biff has been knocked out and the second Marty searches him for the magazine and takes it. Which is fine, except there is completely redundant commentary from this guy who repeats it not just once, but three times. “I think he stole his wallet.” Yes. We get it, it’s not like you are doing anything about the theft either, are you?

Have you spotted a hilarious Extra moment?


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